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When Broxton was born, I tried to be the best at keeping notes... Only problem was that I was not keeping them all together.  I would write one thing on the back of a receipt, one on a post it note, on and on and on.  Now, I have no clue what is where and I admit, I did not do a good job of keeping a baby book of any sorts, so many of his "firsts" were seen by me... and of course I told family and friends... but if you ask me now, I would not be able to tell you when or anything like that.  It makes me sad, but I use it as a life lesson to do better this time around.
Oh, another thing that was hard for me was a schedule.
I found these sheets online and printed out a ton of them, it was to help me figure out when he ate last, when his last diaper was (and what type of diaper it was) and all sorts of other information I needed...  Yep, once it was time to write it down, I could not find the papers I printed.

I learned of a company called "TIME TOO" and they have all sorts of baby trackers to make things easier for moms like me that need a bit of help in the organizational department.

  • For newborns, night owls and nursing moms
  • Easily record and monitor a newborn baby's daily activities, schedules and needs
  • 3 month journal format featuring day and night Baby Tracker page views (90 two-sided pages = 90 day and night tracking pages)
  • Day and night (24 hr) tracking of nursing, feeding, sleep, diaper changes, milestones, to-dos and more
  • Spiral bound and designed to open and lay flat for easy recording and viewing
  • Collectible milestone and memory page on the back cover.
  • Printed in the USA on recycled paper
  • iParenting Award Winner
This book will be in my hospital bag.  I don't know about you, but I am not the best at remembering things, so this will be a great help!
The inside features a section that has places to put important information:
Dr name (pediatrician and OB-GYN)  it also has a spot for emergency contacts and a place for websites that you visit often.   The baby tracker doesn't waste time or space with nonsense, so after that important information, you are immediately in the book whre you record daily events.  Each page has an hour section (and a half hour section) then you have columns with nap, nurse (to mark right or left), feed (number of ounces) change, play and even a section for comments.  I tend to write rather large, so I do like the amount of space they give you to fill things in.  It isn't too large to be a waste of space, but it isn't small enough that I will not be able to use.  The bottom of each page gives an additional section.  
You have a checklist section (bath, vitamins, medication)  as well as developmental notes and even baby needs.   The back of the book ends with a section of the health record.  You can use this to check off if you choose to vaccinate your child.  There is also an area for you to record the growth with the percentile and all that good stuff you get at all the checkups!  
I love that this book is small enough to throw in the diaper bag, to take to the doctor appointments, but it isn't so small to be inconvenient to use.  I know we will get much use out of this one!  
Sample page of the baby tracker.  
Once the baby is past the 3 month stage, you have used up your newborn tracker, so they offer an "All About My Day" journal.  This is basically like the newborn tracker, but there is a different color cover, so you will not get it mixed up.  
  • For daily baby schedule & activity tracking and childcare handoffs
  • Easily record, view and monitor baby's daily activities, schedules and needs
  • 6 month journal format featuring Baby Tracker daily page charts (90 pp = 180 days)
  • Tracks feeding, sleep, diaper changes, play, milestones, to-dos and more
  • Spiral bound and designed to open and lay flat for easy recording and viewing
  • Additional information tabs: About Me family info page, Contact list, Medical emergency form, health record, immunization chart.
  • Two emergency wallet contact cards
  • Receipt and note pocket built into back cover of journal
  • Printed in the USA on recycled paper
  • iParenting Award Winner
This book also includes a contact list, a medical emergency list and even a section for health records.  It also has the same breakdown on the am/ pm pages that I mentioned above.  In addition to the same features of the newborn tracker, this book includes a pocket at the end of the book to keep any additional information you might want/ need.  

With both of the books, I love that they use colors such as orange, purples and greens. In doing so, I feel that it makes the book gender neutral and of course for those waiting to be surprised, this is a great feature!   
Also, these journals are spiral bound, so you can lay it flat or fold it over to be one sided.  I personally like books like this, as it makes it easier for me to write in.  

In addition to the journals that I mentioned, they do offer more products for you to choose from. Another one that looks pretty good is the Refillable Annual Childcare Organizer!  For those that have a baby sitter on call, they even have babysitter pads!   Talk about covering all the bases!  
Head on over to see what product you might need!

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  1. I love that you can keep track of nursing, feeding, sleep, diaper changes, milestones, to-dos and more!

  2. This is a very cool book! Like you, I wrote everything on loose papers, then couldn't find them when I needed them. It also made it much more difficult to see patterns or trends, and this book would make that SO much easier.

  3. PS: I'd get the newborn one and keep it for the next baby shower!

  4. I like you can track everything about your baby. I would like the baby tracker.

  5. I like the newborn baby tracker for my friend who is pregnant

  6. I like the all about my day journal. It would be a gift for my sister! (Shhhh don't tell her!)


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