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No matter your age, we all need to take care down there... Here is a product that is "free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens."  Make sure you check to see what they carry, you can never be too careful.  

Conception:  In the fall of 2009, one day during a hectic week, Stacy Lyon was busy helping out a friend track down paraben-free personal care items after her friend’s breast cancer tumor biopsy came back loaded with the harsh preservative.  A few days later, a nurse practitioner in a Seattle OBGYN clinic voiced her concerns with seeing reoccurring vaginal infections in patients visiting her office. Yet another close gal pal confided that she had bouts of “not feeling fresh… down there”.  After an exhaustive search, Stacy experienced a ‘light bulb moment” and sensed a market need for a product line which did not yet exist……..and healthy hoohoo was born!
Learning process: From the beginning, Lyon wanted to create a line of products that were simple, pure and effective.  At first Lyon thought she could create the recipe for her line of holistic products herself, but realized quickly that she lacked the necessary skills; “let’s just say that I didn’t get A’s in college chemistry” she retorts. 
Acknowledging her weakness and not afraid to reach out, found a talented and experienced formulation chemist who listened to what she wanted and more importantly, what she didn’t want in her line.  Lyon jokes about falling forward into this new line of work; her background consists of twenty years in the ski industry, not natural products.  “I am a firm believer in rolling up one’s sleeves and just diving in – and learning ‘on the fly” she jokes.  Armed with this outlook, she devoured any information she could find on the feminine care industry and turned to her gynecologist for knowledge she needed to make formulation decisions, ranging from the pH values of a woman’s genital area to the plastics used in cosmetic packaging.
With two years under her belt, Lyon say that response from the marketplace has been extremely supportive.  Whether it ever pens-out as a financially successful endeavor, Lyon feels good about bringing healthy hoohoo products and subsequently the education of vulvovaginal wellness to woman of all ages across the U.S. 

This ever-so-mild cleanser is pH balanced to complement your personal ecosystem. And our thoughtful blend of extracts will leave you feeling clean and healthy.
  • pH Balanced
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Glycerin-free

Wipe a smile on your face and some freshness on your most precious parts with these soft and gentle wipes. Soaked in goodness and pH balanced to compliment your natural chemistry, they’re a perfectly portable last-minute refresher. Great for travel, camping, yoga, and that special time of the month.
  • Glycerin-free
  • No harsh chemicals: no parabens, alcohol, sulfates or dyes
  • Ultra-mild with a touch of aloe for moisturizing
  • Fragrance-free, Gluten-free, Vegan
  • pH balanced so they won’t remove what Mother Nature put down there
  • Tested on gal pals not animals – “Leaping Bunny” certified
Gentle, yet effective ingredients gently cleanse, moisturize & soothe the delicate vulvovaginal area.


  1. These sound like great products that are not harsh to use and I have always wanted to know what to get to clean down there. I will have to get me some of these items!

  2. Great story behind this product! I appreciate the option of a safe, gentle cleanser.


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