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I love having books around for us to read and flip through.  It is a great thing when you hear your little one say, "Mama, will you read me a book?"  Of course, I say yes... Unless it is the millionth book of the night and he is doing it to try and stay up late, then I can say "not until tomorrow."
We were recently sent The 50 States for review.  Now, this book is not one that you are going to snuggle up and read as a bed time story, but it is a great one that you will look at to learn more about different states!   I actually learned quite a few things myself as I flipped the pages!  The 50 States isn't your typical map book. Yes, you have each state on a two page spread, but they don't have the typical map features of rivers and what not.  This one is filled with facts about the state.  From inspiring people, state icons, region spotlight and more, you are sure to learn a thing or two!  They even have a box filled with moments to remember as well as another filled with key facts!  
Make sure to check out the information on Georgia listed below!  

2 page spread of Georgia 

WELCOME TO THE PEACH STATE Even if you’ve never been south of the Mason-Dixon Line, you’ve probably heard a song about Georgia. Musicians raised here, including Gladys Knight, CeeLo Green, and, of course, Ray Charles, have sung about this “Empire State of the South,” celebrating the beauty and ingenuity of Georgia’s lands and people. “The road leads back to you,” sings Ray Charles in the song “Georgia on My Mind,” and if you follow that road, you’ll find the nation’s fourth state rich in hospitality, charm, history, and cultural delights. Nature lovers are drawn to the stunning scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which mark the southern end of the Appalachian Trail. The nightlife and bustling industry of Atlanta beckon the city- loving traveler, while history fans stroll through Savannah with pleasure. Regardless of your reason for visiting, there’s no doubt you’ll find much to enjoy in the “Peach State”—including peaches!

JULIETTE “DAISY” GORDON LOW 1860–1927 Inspired by the English founder of the Boy Scouts, Low started the Girl Scouts in Savannah.
FLANNERY O’CONNOR 1924–1964 One of the best short-story writers of the 20th century, O’Connor often wrote about the Deep South.
MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 1929–1968 Raised in Atlanta, this iconic leader of the African American civil rights movement won the Nobel Peace Prize.
MAY 8, 1886: The first Coca-Cola is served at Jacobs' Pharmacy in Atlanta. It costs a nickel then . . . and for the next 70 years!
MAY 1937: Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the Wind wins the Pulitzer Prize. She began writing it when she was cooped up with a broken ankle.
JANUARY 20, 1977: Former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter is inaugurated and walks down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House: a presidential first!
JULY 19, 1996: Some 10,000 athletes and 2 million tourists arrive for the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.
CHICKEN CAPITAL A 1961 Gainesville law forbids eating chicken with a fork
FORE! Augusta’s highly ranked golf course hosts the Masters tournament.
FORT BENNING is one of the largest army bases in the world, housing over 120,000 people.
GLOWWORMS The sandy soils of southern GA hide a slimy secret: two-foot-long earthworms that ooze a glowing gunk!
JUST PEACHY Georgia produces more than 40 varieties of peaches.
MOUNTAIN MONUMENT At Stone Mountain, a huge carving of three Civil War leaders is more than half a football field wide!
WARM SPRINGS Native Americans, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and many others have healed in the waters here.

Did you learn something about Georgia that you did not know?


  1. Nice book! This would be great for my niece. I love all the history included in this book.

  2. I didn't know Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind because she was cooped up with a broken ankle.

  3. I love history and I know my kids would enjoy this too.


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