Snoopy Honored and So much More! #PeanutsMovie

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Last week was a busy week around here for us.
One major event that Broxton was able to go to???
Well, just a little thing at Delta Air Lines where they honored SNOOPY and made him an honorary pilot!!!    Broxton was so excited to be there.  Not only did he get to take a tour of the Delta Flight Museum beforehand, he got to meet Snoopy.  Top it all off??  He got to see some of the actors that are the voices and even met Craig Schulz (writer/producer) and Steve Martino (director) for the new Peanuts Movie coming out November 6th.  
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some photos of the event, but here are a few more for you to check out!   
What we saw when we arrived at the Delta Flight Museum.

Just one of the many photo opportunities we took while walking through the museum.

When the Peanuts Event Started, they had a the Pope High School Marching Band and Flag Team there for the festivities. The flag line danced and the band played the Peanuts Music!  

Seriously, they had the Red Carpet Rolled out!  
This is  Noah Schnapp, THE PEANUTS MOVIE voice of Charlie Brown. 

Loved his enthusiasm the enter time!  
This is Steve Martino, THE PEANUTS MOVIE director.

We all know who this is!!!!
Snoopy, Peanuts character and THE PEANUTS MOVIE star.

They even had students there from the Ron Clark Academy!

 Now, what exactly happened???  
Snoopy was honored with an ‘Honorary Delta Pilot’ proclamation.

Steve Martino and Craig Schulz were given the honor of being bestowed First Officer Pins and the voice actors each were awarded Flight Attendant Wings!  

Come back next Wednesday, I will be sharing more pictures of Broxton from that day!
Do you plan to go see The Peanuts Movie when it is released?  


  1. How fun! I don't know if we'll go. My boys aren't super into it. If they ask we'll take them.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! I hope that the movie is good. We can't wait to hopefully go and watch it. Great pictures!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun. My granddaughter would love to go to something like this. I will likely take her to see the movie when it comes to town.

  4. My son is sitting here amazed that Charlie Brown is a young child. ;) This looks like a majorly fun event! I'm glad you got to go. :)

  5. This is so fun! My niece and nephew would have enjoyed seeing this.

  6. Wow! What an adventure!
    I love how family oriented this is.


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