Getting the Winter Wardrobe ready with @OshKoshBgosh

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I will admit that I never really gave much thought to my elementary aged son wanting to have a say so in his clothing decisions.   When he was in preschool, he was all about jeans and collared shirts. Okay, maybe I was all about it and he didn't care... Whatever, he looked adorable.   Then last year he was still wearing a little of this and a little of that.   We did "learn" from other classmates that once you hit kindergarten, you do not wear any form of shirt that has any animated character on it.   That was a tough one, as he had plenty and he loved them...  We made it through kindergarten, but then this year... He is ADAMANT about what he will and will not wear.
Pants?  Khaki.. Well, khaki and athletic pants.
Shirts?  Any cool shirts, as long as it is a t-shirt.  NO COLLARS ALLOWED. (Unless it's church!)
I normally go and buy his clothing for school before hand and he just wears whatever, but since I was pregnant and due with our baby girl, I was not about to be out dealing with the  madness of back to school.  We waited and once things had settled down, we stopped by Osh Kosh (together) to let him pick out a few things.  (Don't worry, he had clothes, I had just done more online shopping.) 

Osh Kosh makes for great style at the local rodeo!   

It was actually quite fun to let him pick out what he wanted.  He grabbed several t-shirts and even grabbed a few long sleeve t-shirts to get ready for the chilly weather that will be headed our way soon!   He spotted an outfit he really wanted.  It was a grey and orange athletic "suit" of sorts.  He grabbed the jacket, the pants and a t-shirt to go with the outfit.  The longer we were there, I noticed that he really has a style of his own and that our shopping was starting to be more excitement for the cold weather headed our way.
Want to hear another sweet thing?  After he grabbed a few clothing selections for himself, he had to go and grab Savannah an outfit. Now, let me tell you.  When he gets an outfit for Savannah, he has to get the outfit, a hat and shoes... every single time.  It cracks me up.  (No, they don't always go together either, but I do love his effort!)  He finally settled on a cute little t-shirt for her, since that day was all about the big brother!

Osh Kosh has been making my boy look good!  If you follow me on Instagram, you can see Osh Kosh on him when he got a hair cut (talk about looking good as a big brother!)  I will say that he was rocking his style on crazy sock day too... Thanks to his Osh Kosh jacket!  
No matter what you need, you can look great in Osh Kosh!  I have since signed up to get their emails and they seem to have sales on different products from time to time.  Perfect for planning Christmas gifts!  
Are you familiar with the Osk Kosh brand?  I need to take him back and take photos of the different outfits he comes up with for him to wear, as well as his baby sister!  


  1. I love this brand! They have so many cute kids' clothes.

  2. That's a good and cute brand.
    And of course your little one looks good in his outfit!

  3. I always thought the brand name was fun to say. I had some of their stuff when I was little, so I know they've been in existence for a long time. Broxton looks good in their brand. I wish my boys didn't grow so fast. I'd put them in them to.


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