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Cardinal Health sent me this product to try, and donated to a charity of my choice.”

When I had Broxton, I was a bit surprised at what I needed once I came home from the hospital.  I admit that I did not give much thought to what I might need, I was just worried about being a good mom and him being okay.  Lucky for me, my mom came to stay with me and was a big help running to get things I needed that I had no clue about.
Fast forward to this time around.
I made it a point to have nursing bra's, nursing covers, all the odds and ends for breast feeding.  I made it a point to tell a first time mom friend of mine that she needed to make sure she had plenty of pads for when she came home, that was one thing I totally did not think about first time around.   It doesn't matter if you are having a vaginal birth or a c-section, it is going to hurt down there and you need to make sure you are cared for at home, just as you were at the hospital.  That is where Cardinal Health comes in!  
Do you really want to be riding all over town trying to get medical supplies (or sending a loved one to get them for you) or would you rather be at home resting or spending time with your newest addition?  Exactly!   You can just go to the Cardinal Health website and hit "store locator" or just click and order from Amazon!    
Let me tell you about Cardinal Health, as it was new to me before I had the chance to post this for you all.  Cardinal Health has "hospital quality" products... without having to get them from the hospital!   I was able to review the Perineal Cold Pack and wow, this would have been great my first few days home!   It is a cold pack with a very absorbent pad with it.  You don't have to place it in the freezer or anything like that... Just leave it room temperature.  Once you are ready to use it, open the package and fold it in the middle.  (That causes the activation.)  Then you shake it for less than a minute and you are good to go.  (I immediately felt the cold as soon as it was folded in half.)  
Cardinal Health has more than just products for new moms...  They have Advanced Wound Care (such as dressing, cleaning and treating,)  First Aid (like gloves and hot/ cold packs,) Personal Care (like pads and underwear) and even items such as canes and walkers!   
Check this out:
***  Each year, 46.1 million inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures take place.  I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of the hospital.  I want to get out of there as fast as possible, as I feel like I can recover easier at home with all of my comforts there.  With Cardinal Health, you can have hospital quality in the comforts of home!  
***  Nearly 40 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult.  I know when my grandaddy was in the final stages, it was a blessing to have him at his house, versus in a hospital setting.  Having a wide variety of products available for home purchase made this possible.  
    Cardinal Health perineal cold packs – the #1 perineal cold pack in hospitals– help continue an exceptional level of care even after mothers leave the hospital with their newborns.

  Made of soft material, perineal packs provide comfortable, effective pain relief with an absorbent pad and safe, controlled cold therapy. -  I took this apart to be able to describe it more to you.  The top is the extra thick pad ( you place it blue stripe DOWN)   and below it is the cold pack that you fold and shake to activate.  They are stuck together, but I wanted to see it all.  
The Cardinal Health perineal packs combine an absorbent pad with an instant cold pack. - This is the pad.  I wanted to show you how thick it was.  You can feel the thickness without doing this, but I wanted you to see it.  If you have had a child before, you know that you can't have a pad too thick those first few weeks home!  

“For more product information and indications for use, visit www.cardinalhealth.com/products.”  Also, please make sure you follow Cardinal Health on TWITTER and LINKEDIN


  1. Oh boy, I do remember the days. Any relief was welcome. Glad to hear of a product that helps. And like you, I want out of the hospital as quickly as possible. The daily blood draws drive me nuts (they always miss my veins, always).


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