10 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

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10 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays
When it comes to the holidays, the final quarter of the year is full of cheer, excitement, family and friends. But for many folks, the holiday season also means a lot of extra expenses that can be hard to prepare or plan for, especially if you have little ones running around. The holidays don’t have to mean the undoing of your budget and a bank account panic!
Our friends over at Got Bugs? put together this awesome list of ways to save money during the holidays ­­ all without having to sacrifice the excitement and fun that comes along with them!
1. Make a budget in advance. 
This seems like a given, but one of the best ways to reign in your excessive spending this holiday season is to make a budget well in advance of your holiday planning­­ and it’s not too late! Figure out exactly how much you want to spend­ and can afford to spend this holiday season. Be sure to include money spent on: 
● Gifts
● Traveling
● Events
● Food
● Etc.
Once you have a budget set, be sure to stick to it!
2. Keep track of what you spend.
Keeping a count of every holiday dollar you shell out this year will not only help you keep an eye on your bank account, but will also help you stick to your budget. You could go old school and keep receipts and tally them up, or you can make it a habit to check your online banking account at least once a week and keep a spreadsheet of everything you spent that week.
3. Rein yourself in.
Do you find yourself a little short on holiday cash, but still spend on your little luxuries? During the holidays, it’s important to keep stock of what is most important to you. Would you rather have that tasty latte or manicure, or would you rather have a little more wiggle room in your holiday budget? When you find yourself spending money on unnecessary, try to rein yourself in and think of the bigger picture.
4. Try Secret Santa.
This method isn’t just for office parties anymore! If you have a large family or group of friends and buying presents for them all stretches your budget a bit too thin, propose the idea of a Secret Santa, or even a White Elephant party! Not only will this save your finances, but you may even start a fun new holiday tradition.
5. Make your traditions more thrifty.
Do your holiday traditions include expensive tickets to plays and ballet shows, or travel great distances by air? A great way to cut spending this holiday spending is to choose less expensive holiday traditions to enjoy. Consider driving around to see holiday lights instead of seeing a show, and consider sticking close to home to cut travel costs (or driving if possible.) Fun and memorable traditions don’t have to break the bank!
6. Host a potluck holiday meal.
Invite friends and family to bring dishes to your holiday meal ­­you can even host a pie contest if you’d like! You’ll find that many folks are happy to share family recipes with people they love. This will help cut costs for having to provide food for a ton of people!
7. Don’t go overboard.
When it comes to the holidays, it can be tempting to get a bit excessive with the spending. It is important to know when enough is enough, so don’t allow yourself to be pressured into spending more money than you are comfortable with.
8. Go cheap chic with decor.
Whether it’s fresh cut Christmas trees, ornate Menorahs or other holiday decor, cut your costs by cutting down on what you buy. Enlist the kids to help decorate DIY projects for your home for a whimsical look that doubles as a great activity! There are many ways to decorate beautifully without sacrificing your bank account. Check out this awesome article by Good Housekeeping on 35 DIY Christmas decor ideas!
Another great idea is to buy holiday decor right after Christmas for the following year ­­that’s usually when it’s on sale!
9. Give DIY gifts.
Are you artsy or crafty? Can you wield scissors? If the answer is yes, consider making simple DIY gifts for loved ones this year instead of shelling out tons of money on store ­bought gifts. Your loved ones will appreciate the heart and work you put into their gifts, and you can save a pretty penny. Good ideas are:
● Cookies in jars
● Homemade candles
● Easy DIY bath products
● Homemade canvas art
10. Keep your holiday guests happy and comfortable.
When it comes to entertaining this holiday season, nothing is more embarrassing than having pest control problems. To save money on pest control, ensure that you work with a pest control company that you trust. Got Bugs? pest control can take care of your pests within your budget so you can spend your dollars on the important things this holiday season!
You see, enjoying the holidays to their fullest doesn’t have to be a strain on your bank account. Enjoy your holidays ­­with more money in your pocket ­­this year and every year.


  1. I love this list.
    These are some very useful ideas!

  2. This is a great list. Although I decided to make my nephew a turtle necklace. By the time I bought everything to make it, I think it's more than if I found a cheap one online. It's the thought that counts though.


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