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There is no denying that candy is a big part of childhood for many people.  Maybe you did not get to eat it often and it was a special treat to have a piece when you went to grandma's?  Maybe you all shared a box of sweetness when you went to the movie?  As a child, I remember walking to the local store with my Nana and us buying some candy from time to time.  You know, back when you could get a little brown paper bag and have an assortment of treats that were like 5 cents each or something!  (Am I showing my age now?)  Well, if you have classic memories like that, you might want to take a trip down memory lane and head on over to IT'SUGAR to see what all they carry.  

I think that IT'SUGAR has several great gift giving ideas for the holidays!!!!
Think about it, if you know a sweets fan, wouldn't it be great to open up a gift to see a wide variety of candy from your childhood???   I can not lie, I was sent a box of mixed candies and it was so great to laugh and remember how much I enjoyed them as a child.  I was even treated to the candy cigarettes of my childhood.  (Please tell me I am not the only one that used to get them as a kid!)  Some of the candy was new to me, but that did not stop us from trying it out and enjoying a little of this and a little of that!  If you follow me on instagram, you saw a few of them.  One that I did not instagram, but we still enjoy now?  Big League Chew!  Broxton actually enjoyed a mouthful of that yesterday!
Let me share a few of the candy items that grabbed my attention from the site.  (Just in time for Christmas gift ideas!)  

That 60's Mix...
What do you think should be in there?  I will give you a few examples:
Boston Baked Beans, Charleston Chew and Squirrel Nut Zippers.  
Can you think of other candies that might be in this mix?  
For me, it is ALL ABOUT THE 80's.
That 80's mix includes candy such as Cry Baby, Nerds and Sweetarts.  I used to LOVE the cry baby candy!  Wonder how I would do with it now.  

If you aren't thinking about going the route of a decade candy, you can also go for the more gag gift  route and search for do a search for CHRISTMAS CANDY.
NO LIE --  you will be greeted with Reindeer Poop, Yellow Snow Balls and even the Christmas Vacation Moose Mug. (There are so many other options, you need to head over to see!
Broxton had in his mind that he wanted to get the "WORLDS LARGEST GUMMY BEAR" since he saw someone working on one on You Tube once.  Well how about IT'SUGAR sells a wide variety of them!   They sell the mini ones that we are all used to seeing, but they also sell bears that are 1, 2, 5 or even 27 pounds!!!!  You read that right, you can get a 5 pound gummy bear from here.
I can sit here and tell you about everything I saw on their site that I want, but that is not fair to you.  Head on over to see what all they have!  From chocolate to candy cigarettes, they seriously have it all.  You can search by size, type, price and more!   


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