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Do you fill stockings for your children?  I know Santa comes and brings things, but do you do stockings and stuff them from family?  The reason I ask is because the last couple years, Broxton's school did a stocking for each child in the class and we all sent in different treats for them to have for Christmas.  That got me thinking... So last year I did stockings for all the boys.  You know what is good for them?  Hygiene items... and new toothbrushes.  They don't live here, so they don't have toothbrushes that they leave here (We tried in the past, but they would argue over who had what color, so we quickly ended that one!)  I figure it is nice to fill their stockings with things they need (and a fun gift card!) and we all know that teenage boys need soap, toothbrush/toothpaste and great smelling cologne!

I love getting fun toothbrushes for Broxton and soon enough, Savannah will be having cool ones too!  If you are looking for a pretty neat toothbrush, head on over to see what they have at Brush Buddies!  It's not just for kids, I found one I like for me too!  

Just in time for the holidays Brush Buddies introduces its new Brite Beatz toothbrush featuring a fun synchronized light and music show all while playing the holiday favorite, “Jingle Bells.”  The holiday classic plays for two minutes to encourage longer brushing and ensure that users achieve the dentist’s recommended two minute brushing time. 

With 30,000 vibrations per minute the Soniclean Pro One removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Its Soft DuPoint™ end-rounded nlyon bristles are specially designed to clean the outer layers of your teeth, while the rubberized polishing cups in the middle are made for polishing to give teeth that glistening look.

The Brush Buddies Shopkins  Toothbrush collection features exclusive designs with characters including Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss, to name a few. The BPA-free brushes also feature high quality bristles that are long lasting and offer better cleaning.

With the new Brush Buddies WWE Brush Beatz Theme Song Toothbrushes, fans can enjoy brushing their teeth while listening to two different “theme songs” from The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.  Both songs will play for two minutes, which is the dentist recommended brushing time. MSRP $14.95. Available at and in-store.

Do you use fun toothbrushes?  Do you gift toothbrushes, or just give them as needed?  Broxton received the WWE one and he LOVES it.  You should see him in there brushing his teeth with the theme song going on.  Pretty exciting adventures just to be brushing teeth!  


  1. I get toothbrushes every year for the boy's stockings. They make wonderful gifts.


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