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Have you ever received a gift and the gift giver be so excited that they could not wait??? That is what happened with this review!   We were sent the latest Kidz Bop (number 30) along with number 29 and the Christmas version.  The recipient of these CD's?  My sons school.
Between the school gym teacher using them for P.E.  (talk about a great way to get kids moving... He incorporates push ups / jumping jacks in with the whole Whip-Nae Nae song! ) to the PTA using them for school functions.  This was a great gift for the holidays!!!   He was so excited that I had to snap a picture on my phone, in the car as soon as we opened the mail because he was ready to give them right that minute!     

Kidz Bop should be on all kids wish lists this year!  

I will tell you that I knew more songs this time around than the last cd.  Either way, we end up hearing all the songs so much that we learn them all.  It was pretty funny when my high school aged cousin went with us and got in the car... she was not expecting to hear the songs she hears being sung by kids... and my 6 year old singing and dancing along to it.
Still, I love that they are clean versions and I can rest easily knowing that I don't have to bleep out words or turn the station. This is our soundtrack to and from school each day.  Perfect for any of the younger ones on your Christmas list!  


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