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I know books are not for everyone, but around here, we love them!   Books are great gifts not only for the story they tell,but also for the education (they are reading you know!)  I remember growing up, my Nana would make me read the newspaper to her.  If I did not know a word, she would make me look it up in the dictionary and learn it.  No, I did not read the WHOLE paper to her, but she would pick an article out and make me read it to her.  I think that was what started my love of reading.  You know, you can find many things out by reading about it.  Another way my love of reading grew? Frequent trips to the library!   She lived near the library, so you better believe we made daily trips there during the summer!!!!  Now, I try and take Broxton to the library from time to time and we are always within an arms reach of several books.  With Christmas almost here, I hope you consider giving a book or two to someone you love!   Here are two that might be great for your list!!!
In Bricksy, Friesen gives new meaning to Banksy’s gritty street art by using clean, modernist bricks. Bricksy goes beyond transforming the medium by expanding the scenes it plays on and adding a humorous twist to each one. Each of the eighty-four photographs is wittily captioned, delightful to look at, and appropriate for a wide range of ages. You’ve never seen Banksy like this before! This is the perfect gift for Banksy and LEGO lovers of all ages!
This book is perfect for any LEGO fan, actually make that any ART FAN, as this is a great coffee table type book.  Are you familiar with the street artist BANKSY?  If so, you will really enjoy this book.  (No lie, I was only familiar with the name BANSKY from watching Criminal Minds, as I am PRETTY SURE they mentioned him before!)   Anyways, each page shows a LEGO rendition of a famous Banksy style artwork.  Most famous one for me? The PULP FICTION one.
Head on over to Amazon (link above) so you can see a few of the photos from inside the book!  This is a hard back book, full of great colored photographs.  Perfect for all ages! 

Even when it’s pouring rain, Malcolm can’t bring himself to stay inside. He puts on his red boots and his red coat, pulls on his goggles, and heads out for an adventure. He splashes around the yard, jumps in puddles, and gets tickled by worms. But when Malcolm’s done playing he runs right through the mud and right through the sand—and right through the house! Mom’s not impressed. How is this silly boy going to fix his mess?

This book has great illustrations, but we just did not really get into the story.  It is about Malcolm (how could you guess?!)  He was outside playing and it started raining... He got dressed and went back out to play, he eventually came back inside, but when he did he made a BIG MESS!!! I thought Broxton would love it, since Malcolm was jumping in puddles, but he has not asked me to read it to him again, so I am guessing he wasn't that into it. (Savannah on the other hand loved the illustrations and was laughing as I read each page to her!)
Do you give books as gifts? 


  1. My kids would like Bricksy. I give them books for Christmas!


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