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We were so lucky to receive several hand me downs when we found out we were having a girl.  I was so thankful and even now it amazes me how lucky we really are.  (When Broxton was born, we had one friend give us like 15 outfits,so very thankful, but that was all in the hand me down department.) With Savannah, we have been given several dozen outfits, shoes, toys and more. Can you tell we are super thankful for having a niece a little older than Savannah?  Yes, we do have plenty of things for her and this girl has more shoes than I know what to do with... but the fact remains that she had not ONE PAIR OF SHOES to fit her at her age now.  For real, she has about 40 pairs of shoes, but they are all for when she is a bit bigger!   I was so excited when I got the chance to review a pair of shoes from Robeez.  We were sent the PRETTY PANSY PINK shoes in size 0-6 months.  I was so excited because they actually fit her!  

These shoes are leather with a soft sole. Perfect for when she starts trying to stand / walk. The thing I like the best?  THEY HAVE ELASTIC in the ankles!   I remember the main problem with Broxton was that as soon as I got shoes on him, he was working to get them off (has anyone else had that problem with their baby?) The Robeez with the elastic eliminates that issue and we don't have to worry about looking for the missing shoe or putting it back on as soon as we get them on and ready to go.  They have been great for us when we are going out and about and her big brother absolutely loves when she has her shoes on!  He even has to point them out to everyone at his school!  
Savannah dressed and ready to go for her brothers award ceremony!  

Robeez has shoes for both girls and boys.  The great thing is that they offer soft soled shoes and hard soled shoes.  Robeez isn't just for little babies, they have shoes for all of our littles!  Are you familiar with the Robeez brand?  We all know babies don't really "need" anything for Christmas, as they are too young to be making their wish list, so why not give them a stylish pair of shoes this year?  Mama and daddy will thank you for it!   


  1. Robeez were my favorite shoes for Mica and Isaak. I know my sister was surprised that I had so many to pass down to her.


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