Attu's Adventure - Review

I admit it, I did not pay attention like I should have in school.
Well, I did at the time...
But do I remember it now?
Nope... Not at all.

Lucky for me...
Mingo Morvin has started these wonderful books about the National Parks.
Mingo and his buddy, Attu go on adventures and share with us all about the Parks.

The very first one is :
Attu's Adventure in :
Yellostone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Now, Broxton is to young to get into this..
but I know he will when he is older.
He LOVES looking at the pictures throughout the book, but I do not even try and read it to him.
I did read it for me... and I learned alot! :)
See what I mean?

This book is cute and I really like it!
You know, I think it would be great to get this before you go on vacation...
Kind of like a little background before you get there.

In the first book, about Yellowstone and Grand Teton...
Mingo and Attu meet up with the Park Rangers to learn about Park safety before they go.
Once they are there, they learn all about the geothermal features located there...
Then, they learned of all the animals that they would see!
Attu even gets his picture taken at several of the signs located throughout the park!

The pictures all through the book are great!
The language used throughout is great because it explains things at a younger level.
This book is designed for children in second through fifth grade!

Added bonus on the book?
At the end...
There is a "notes" section for you to fill out after your trip!

The second book is about the Grand Canyon!
I can not wait to see this one!
Already, Mingo is working on the third book!
Besides being the photographer, he is also the author!!!!

You can purchase the books HERE.

By purchasing this book, you help in several ways:
One - The cost helps Mingo for future expeditions.
Two - You are sharing the knowledge with your little reader.
Three- It allows bonding time between you as you read together!

Even if you do not have a young child, this is still a great read!
(For the adventure lover in all of us!)

Please, keep up with Mingo and Attu on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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  1. These looks like fun! What a great way to learn about the parks.

  2. I'm so impressed with this book after reading your review. The pictures are vivid and the storyline, well, it's educational but a youngin wouldn't know it. Thank you for the informative review!

  3. I'd love to get one of these for my kids. Very good review woman.

  4. Isn't he just so cute. These books look great for kids and what a way to learn about Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

    I liked reading the On the Water posts linked through their education section. What fun expeditions they have had and what interesting travel experiences.


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