Cat Iron Diesel from @ToyState - Must Have for Your Little Conductor!

Broxton is wants to be just like his daddy to the point that it is not even funny.
He is ALL boy..

He loves anything transportation, trains, planes, cars, trucks, tractors... 
Of course, he also loves anything ARMY and most anything sports..

We were so lucky to have the chance to review CAT Iron Diesel Train from Toy State, I knew Broxton was going to absolutely LOVE it..   We have been running errands like crazy lately and Broxton has been so good, so I thought it would be a nice reward for him to get this as a special treat one day last week.
I told him he had an extra special surprise and he was so excited!

We opened up the train box and were soon ready to go.. 

Mom complaint here:  They had the train put into that thick Styrofoam.  I personally did not like the way it was packaged,  I wish they would have used the hated twist ties before they used the Styrofoam, but that is just me... Soon enough we were ready to play.  The train track comes in 8 different pieces (6 of the curved and 2 of the straight.)  While I was snapping the track together, Broxton was already checking out the train.  

The engine has a little red button on it and Broxton was all excited for it to make the choo choo sound... 
We had to hurry and put the batteries in there and to my LOVE... NO SOUND... the red button simply powers it to follow the track!  I was SO VERY VERY happy with that... Broxton looked a bit confused, but then decided that was fine by him, he would just make the noise himself!!!!

There are several things I do like, but there are a couple things I am still unsure about... 
What I Love: 

I LOVE that it doesn't have the horn.. .We all know how some kids toys can be rather "testing" at best... 
So, this was a plus.  it just takes two double A batteries and you are good to go... As with real trains, the engine does the work, so it is the only one that takes the batteries, the others are just pulled along... 
The train comes with: (DO NOT GO QUOTING ME on my language of this, please!) 
An engine, the magnetic train car that lifts the boxes (One box is included), A flat bed train car that has two CAT tractors on it and then the open "coal car". You can place the back three in any order you like... 
We already have the CAT tractors, so of course we had to see if they would work on the flatbed.. They didn't but we just ended up putting them in the coal car and all was okay!  

What I am still wondering about...  
The train tracks are this plastic that you have to get just right to connect... It really isn't a big deal, but when you are a kid that is all excited, it can test you and at one point, it did pinch my fingers as I was trying to connect it all.  I am not sure how long the connectors will actually last, as I can already see where the black plastic is turning white from not being connected properly and bending a bit...  It does say for ages 5 and older, so I am sure they would be better at connecting them, so not really that big of a concern.  Now, if it falls apart soon, I will be back to tell you, but I do not see that as the case, you can just tell they are loved already!   The only other problem we saw was that it took a few times to get the train going on the track.  It was as though it was too powerful and you had to find a way to hit the button just right to keep it on the track.  That is really NOT a problem, as my three year old has mastered how to get it going... but just something to point out when first starting.. 

Bottom line.. 

Would I recommend this? IN A HEART BEAT!  
I am already thinking that the other "construction set" might be a great Christmas Idea for us to add to this!  

The Iron Diesel has already provided hours of entertainment.. DAILY... So I am so loving this!!!!!
I mean, trains and tractors?  Most boys dream about things like this! 

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Oh my word---my boys would be in heaven with this:)


  2. Oh wow, this is amazing! I wish my boys had something like this; they would LOVE it! :)

  3. Wow, I love it. This would be so great!


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