Grandparent's Day is September 9th, Grab a Great Gift Today!

Did you know Grandparents day is September 9th this year?  

Last year it almost slipped up on me, so I hope to be more prepared this time around!

If you are looking for something cute and creative to give a grandparent in your life... 
Look no more:   If I Had As Many Grandchildren As You is the perfect gift idea!
This book is full of adventure and color and sure to be a treat for the grandparent reading it and the kid listening!
The story is told from the point of view of "Grand Paws" (an old Lion) and an imagination is something he has very strong!  I loved how each page features a wonderful adventure, feeding into the next journey, with the opposite page showing bright and fun photographs!  I can not lie, as I read it... I was itching to go on a journey as well...  No matter if it was a real one or a pretend one made up at home! 

The best part of the story is that Grand Paws is telling of a magical adventure with the grandchildren, but then he hits home as well...  "I'd teach them to work and to play and to pray ~ A little of each, and a little each day" This book was full of adventure, from building sandcastles to seeing rainbows... We all need to remember that each day is a memory waiting to be made!  Why not make some today?!

I really enjoyed reading this book... and I know that my mom will not only enjoy reading it, she will enjoy the excitement that Broxton will get when listening to it!  
Side note, I had no clue that you could "see an upside down rainbow" until I read this book and then looked it up online... WOW!

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  1. Thank you for this review! I love being a grandparent and am very involved with my wonderful grandson and granddaughter. This would definitely be a book I would enjoy!

  2. I'd love this for my parents. My boys are over at my parent's house a lot.


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