When It Gets Dark, Keep Them Safe

Do you and your family go for walks at dusk?  Do  your kids walk home from a friends house once it starts to get dark out?
I hate to admit it, but for the most part, we don't go outside when it is getting dark or once it is dark.
Some of our neighbors drive like idiot's, so I am not about to put Broxton in any danger for them not to see him when they drive through like maniacs!

I was excited when I heard of Safees.
They are reflectors in fun designs that you can just clip to add a reflection and hopefully let those around see someone ahead!
The best part is that they are super light weight...
They can clip to the person's clothing, or you can even clip them to a dogs leash or collar!

The Safees come in designs such as cars, dinos, owls, hearts, even cell phones and other designs that are sure to make your kid smile to put it on!  

From Safees: Safees are hard prism reflectors that are attached by a simple pin to your clothes at knee or thigh height. By letting the Safees swing freely, facing traffic, it will reflect oncoming cars’ headlights and increase your visibility, alerting drivers to your presence on the road and giving drivers more time to stop or steer clear and thus avoiding accidents.

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