What Could Be Better than Spider Man and Mega Bloks?

Broxton has now decided to join the "Super Hero" Craze!  Not really sure when it started, or how for that matter, but he started talking about super heroes and then how he needed some... Truth be told, he only had 2 little ones that came in a kids meal at some point in life... 
I was so stoked to hear that I would be getting to check out some of the Amazing Spiderman Sets from Mega Bloks!

I loved how fun it was to play putting them together!  Granted, I am not as fast as I used to be, so I did follow the directions when making them. 
I tell you this, I was pretty proud of my accomplishments when I was done, but it was not too long before Broxton was busy taking them apart and making other things ! 
I have always heard that building blocks like this are great toys, as it builds on their senses and works with hand/eye coordination...
We have played with them for hours...
As parents with kids know.. 

These toys are not fun when you step on them, so once we were done, we placed the blocks in a ziplock bag!  
(With the instructions for how to build it correctly again!)

We have TONS of their bigger blocks, so I was eager to see how he would do with the smaller ones.. 
Yes, I know he is younger, but it still gives us a great activity to do together.  
For some reason, Broxton has just in the past couple months gotten into really building things with the blocks. 
We build cities, animals, camera's and more with the big blocks, so it was so neat to watch his little creative mind work with dedication to build with the smaller ones!
I would not recommend this for younger kids, unless you are with them, as there are small blocks, but then again, it says 5+, so most parents would not be buying them yet... 
I know that Broxton will have a blast playing with these with us, but really will get into it when his big brothers get here, as he loves to do activities with them!  

Head on over to the Mega Bloks site to see what all items they have that would be awesome for your house!

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  1. Mica got something like that for his birthday from one of his friends.

  2. Yea it's all about the superhero craze here too :)

    I know they'd love these!

    Actually, they'd squeal :)

  3. My nephew loves both spiderman and mega bloks. :)


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