Absolutely Organize Your Family

 I am not sure how people would feel about getting a book telling them how to Organize their family as a gift... Unless they specifically asked for it...  I mean, would it be an insult?  You know, like...
Man, your place is so messy, thought you could use a bit of help...
UNLESS - you are giving it to someone with a child..
This book is perfect for ALL parents!   I can remember when a friend came to visit once and laughed at how much of Broxton's stuff was over the house.. She was adamant that she would not be the mom with kids toys in the living room and kids books/DVDs on the bookshelf.  She knew it was going to be minimal... and contained.  Then, she had a child... and it was VICTORY when she called to let me know that she was wrong..  She had books in the living room too... She had large toys in the living room...everything she wasn't opposed to having, she was just like me! 

When I saw the book, Absolutely Organize  Your Family, I thought they must have been peeking in our house, as we could always use a bit of help organizing things!!!
This book is FULL of so much useful information!!!

Take a Peek:
Part II is the best!!!!
Contain Your Toys
Display Your Childs Collections
Create An Art Gallery
Do a Quick Clothes Change
Manage Your Sports Equipment
Curtail Your Cords
Savor Childhood Memories
File Those Photos
Shelve the Books and Magazines

One of the coolest things I read came in the Sports Equipment (that I almost skipped, since we are not there yet...) This mom didn't know what to do with her sons hockey equipment.  How about she ended up using them for curtain rods in her sons bedroom?!  What?!  That is pretty neat and creative!!!  I also liked that they remind us to tell those that help "add" to collections if the collector has stopped that hobby.  I know that Broxton will be a collector of Hot Wheels for a while, as he loves them... and has some that my brother passed down to him... but, when he decides he is no longer into that collection, I will need to remember to tell everyone we are over that! 

So, would I recommend giving this as a gift?  Not to just anyone on the list...
Do I recommend reading it?  Yes!!! I say give it to yourself! 
What better treat than organization??

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