Let's Go to Italy!!!

A while back we had the opportunity to review a new series of DVD's.  They are called "Families of the World" and they follow 2 kids from different cultures.  Last time we had the chance to review and learn about Germany and the Philippines.  This time, I was so excited to see that we would be learning about Italy!!!  My granddaddy was from Italy, so I was excited to see this one!
In Families of the World: Italy, we once again followed two families.   One family made cheese and the other made olive oil.  Now, I am not a fan of olives, but I will say it was so neat to watch the process of making the olive oil... Also, it was cool to learn that they literally use every part of the olive for one thing or another...
I will be honest with you, I think that the Families of the World DVD's are absolutely awesome.  You get to learn about other cultures with your children... and the kids are really interested in the DVD, as it is follows children and actually has the child in the DVD as the narrator!!!
 Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic in South-Central Europe, the 24th most-developed country and the birthplace of Maritime republics and the Renaissance.
             In Families of Italy, we meet Veronica, 14, who lives on a sheep farm in the Italian countryside with her parents, older brother Antonio and younger sister Kiara.  Cheese is the family business, processing it right on the property from the milk of their 300 sheep.  Kids may envy Veronica a little when they see she sometimes has cookies and milk for breakfast, but maybe not that she attends school six days a week (though Saturdays are half-days).  During the week she helps her mother deliver their cheese to the local stores, often stopping by to visit her grandmother in town.  Veronica also helps make the family’s favorite dessert, tiramisu, for the midday meal (called dinner), then finishes the 1-2 hours of homework she has every day.  After dad has finished milking the sheep in the evening, he joins the family as they walk through nearby Salerno, admiring the Christmas lights that have been put on display for the season.  The next day, Veronica takes us to the nearby ancient ruins, including Pompeii, that lie in the shadow of the massive, and (thankfully) quiet, Mt. Vesuvius.
Next we meet 10-year-old Luigi, who lives on an olive plantation with his parents, grandparents (he’s named after his grandfather Luigi) and siblings Antonia and Thomás.  Olive oil is the family business, with local farmers coming to their on-site factory next to the house to have their olives pressed.  Luigi plays tambourine in a music group and is normally an active boy but is recovering a broken ankle and is sporting a cast (courtesy of the country’s free healthcare).  He attends school from September to June from morning until early afternoon, then returns home for dinner before helping round the farm, on which they grow kiwi, walnuts, oranges, pomegranates and a variety of vegetables.  Come along with the family as they celebrate the Day of the Dead, during which they visit the tombs of their loved ones, leaving flowers and prayers.  Then it’s back home to make pizzas with the grandparents before turning in for the night.
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