Are Power Rangers On Your Kids Wish List? #HolidayGiftGuide

Did you know that 2013 will have Power Rangers celebrating 20 years?!
It is so hard to imagine that, but it has to be true...
I can remember my brother playing with Power Rangers and I am 99% sure that he had a Power Rangers party at one point or another...
Want to know what cracks me up the most?
The fact that I remember watching Power Rangers with him... and NOW... Broxton thinks that the Power Rangers are pretty fantastic and has decided to ask for them this year!
Truth be told, he asks for anything and everything he sees that looks pretty neat...  but ever since he got a Power Ranger figure in one of the kids meals one day, he thinks that he needs them all!

I tell you what, the days of Power Rangers just being little action figures are part of the past...
I was in absolute shock (although I really shouldn't be anymore) of all the products that are available.
That being said..
Let me tell you what a couple of the "must have" items are for Power Ranger fans to be under that tree this Christmas season...

They literally have it all! 
From the classic action figures that have been around from the start (they are bigger than they used to be, from what I remember though!) to plush dolls that are great to snuggle (or "fight")  they have all aspects covered!!! Oh yeah.. if your young ones aren't ones to want "dolls" you have more options.. Scooters, Bikes, even Christmas Ornaments to keep a memory of a love of their childhood! 
The prices seem to be rather affordable as well, with the action figures being as low as$8.99 and then the bikes around $84.99
Just look:

Power Rangers Action Figure

Power Rangers Plush Doll

Power Rangers Bike

Are Power Rangers on your kids wish list this year?
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