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As of this morning, one of our local stores had 6 tents set up for people waiting in line for Black Friday prices...   I am all about a savings, but wow... It is Wednesday and they are already camping out for Friday morning!!!!!

Instead of camping out and fighting the crowds...
Why not do a little online shopping?
Better yet... why not send a gift basket?
I am lucky enough to give you a discount code if you want to visit GiftBasketsPlus for your holiday gift giving ideas.  If you want to do a little shopping from the comforts of home (and even in your PJ's if you want)  Here is a discount code for 15 % off your order:   15OFF

Just a couple of the baskets they have on their site: 

They have several cute kids gift baskets... I think my little guy would think that this was too much fun and would have a blast enjoying everything in there! 

I love gift baskets... but the thing I love most is the actual basket that it comes in... don't get me wrong... I love the products in the basket... but if the packaging can be reused again, then I am more apt to choose that one versus one that is just in a gift box... I know, I just love using them... be it for decoration or storage, they just get my attention more this way.. I love the Day at Her Favorite Spa basket, as it is full of items for me to relax and enjoy the day!!!!
Since I LOVE Salmon, I searched "smoked salmon" in their search bar.. this looks pretty good... and I love the basket... Side note, 88 items for that search!!!!
With Marc being Military, you know I had to check out the military baskets...
They have several baskets to choose from, all of which can be shipped to a military address...
That is great to know for future reference.   I am totally in LOVE with this basket... I would not send this to Marc if he were deployed, as I know he would not get the basket home to me, but I do love it... I would probably send him one of the baskets in a gift box... Full of goodies, but no basket for me to hound him about!!!
If you are looking for gift baskets for people you love, remember that you can use the code  15OFF to purchase a basket sure to put a smile on those that receive it... Not to mention that would be one less gift you have to worry about wrapping and sending!!!!
 Gift Baskets Plus has been around since 1998, so they must be doing something right!!!!
***** I will be receiving a complimentary gift basket in exchange for this blog post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. *****


  1. You lucky duck! That looks like a sweet basket!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Oh gift baskets are so charming! Cute spa basket!


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