Kidz Gear : Kids Headphones

As the mother of a toddler, we are so thankful for DVD players that go in vehicles. 
For a while, we were only able to use it when we had my dads vehicle, as we did not have a portable DVD player... But, after road trips with Broxton... We decided that it would be a wise investment to purchase a portable DVD player...   The only problem... Marc HATES listening to whatever Broxton is watching.  We had purchased a couple head sets, but they were poorly made and we ended up taking them back. 
When I saw that Kidz Gear made headsets for kidz.. . I knew we would want to look into it.

The first thing that caught my attention?
The colors.  They have awesome, kid friendly, bright colors for the headset!

Broxton was sent the blue for review... Lucky for us, as he has decided that is his favorite color for the time being!!! 
The other thing that I am TOTALLY loving? 
The limited volume. 
That was one reason that I did not want him to have head phones... The reason I say that?  One of his brothers listens to his head set so loud we can hear it.... and from time to time, Marc does too!  With a volume limit on there, I don't have to worry about him messing his hearing up!!!!
Final "selling" point?  The headphones are only $19.99.  You can also purchase a splitter if you have more than one set of ears needing a set!  Oh, you can also purchase a storage bag to place them in while not in use! 

Broxton seemed to enjoy wearing them.  He liked that the cord was long enough that when we plugged them in to the DVD player in the car, he had room for the cord to not be anywhere in his vision.  (I personally think they probably would have reached the back seat!)  The volume control (limited) was also on the cord where he could reach it and feel that he was in control. 
Image Credit : N.Vision Photography

Lucky for all of us, I have a great Cyber Monday deal for you!!!!

At on Cyber Monday, Mon., Nov 26, 2012
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·        FREE Carry Bag With ALL Headphone Orders 
·        FREE Shipping On ALL Orders (No International)
·        FREE Splitter Cable (S68KGCBL) With ANY TWO (2) Headphones Ordered
            At (no code needed):
·        FREE Carry Bag With ALL Headphone Orders 
·        FREE Splitter Cable (S68KGCBL) with ANY TWO (2) Headphones Ordered

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