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You know how you read something and you become totally intrigued to learn more about it?
Well, that happened to me a bit ago.
I was reading my emails and I read about a new book, Rangoli:  An Indian Art Activity.

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This is what I read:

This book offers more than 100 pages of designs and grids featuring geometric shapes, mazes, optical illusions, 3D images, nature and much more. There are facts about the background behind the rangoli tradition as well as how they create it and why. A colorful map shows the different regions and how rangoli differs between them, with beautiful photographs of various types. There is something for everyone.
 Since rangoli can be enjoyed on paper or on the ground, it is great for both rainy/snowy indoor days, or sunny days when you want the kids to be outside. Children interested in art, drawing, hands-on activities, or even math or problem solving, will be particularly drawn to the book.
Just reading that, I thought that it sounded pretty interesting,  but when the book arrived, I realized it was so much more!!! Yes, I have enjoyed the book for the fact that it can teach you how to create rangoli...  Be it just color pencils or crayons, or... you can be more creative and go with a 3D effect and use beans, feathers, rocks... the options for creating a masterpiece is endless!!!!!
I will tell you the truth... the thing I loved the most....
Looking at the beautiful creations that are pictured throughout the book.
I am telling you now, if we lived where this was popular (I would LOVE for it to catch on over here)  I would be in heaven taking pictures of the completed work!!!!
Image Credit: rangolidesigns.org

The thing about Rangoli is although it is extremely beautiful... it is so much more than that!  Rangoli is also about teaching and learning.

You start with a pattern that is nothing but dots...
So, you need to know math ...
Image Credit: mazallc.com
Then, once you have your grid, you then work on whatever design you want to do.
The thing is, there are tons of different grids... and you can make them whatever size you want.  If you want to draw one for practice, you can just do a small grid on paper...
Or you can transfer it over on a larger scale for bigger projects... You know, front porch, side walk... as I have said numerous times, the options are endless.
I think that this is just too cool and I really want to try my creativity at this...
Question is, what do I want to try first?  I think the colored sand would be beautiful, but I know how mad I would be when the wind came and messed up my creation! 
If you have artistic people in your life, or if you want to give it a try...
I highly recommend this book.  Actually, I honestly think everyone would enjoy looking at this book... and it just might spark a bit of creativity in you once you start looking at the completed works!!!!
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