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I love Burt's Bees.  I am not really sure when I started using Burt's for the first time, but it was love at first use.  I do know that the first product I tried was their lip balm.  I loved it so much that I immediately went back to the store and bought all of the tubes they had, as I knew I was going to be giving them out to all my friends.  That year, every single one of us at work had a tube of Burt's Bees on us at all times.  No lie. 
I seriously thought that was their only product, as it was all I had ever seen or used.
Then, I saw a gift pack and fell in love with every product they had in there...
Moving along, I made it a point to purchase their mystery grab bags every time I saw it on sale! 

Once I became a mom, we made sure to use Burt's Bees on Broxton. 
No, we would not use it all the time, but we did use it from time to time...
I wish we would have been given the Sweet Memories Keepsake Photo Box!!!
Just check it out:
The Burt’s Bees Sweet Memories Keepsake Photo Box ($19.99) contains:
·        Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash
·        Baby Bee Nourishing Original Lotion
·        Baby Bee Diaper Ointment
·        Baby Bee Nourishing Body Oil
·        Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap
If you have a friend that is expecting, or that has a baby... or truthfully, if you want to baby yourself...
You want to grab this keepsake memory box soon!!!!
The products in there can be used by everyone (and you can give the diaper ointment to a friend) and then you still get the cute box... You can store memento's in there... or pictures... whatever your heart desires!!!
Yet again, Burt's Bees has done it again!!!

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  1. Thanks for mine, I am looking forward to using it on Jenna Lee when she arrives!! Love ya chic!

  2. This would be perfect for a new mom. I'm going to get my cousin one for her new baby. jj250@aol.com

  3. My oldest and his wife are expecting, and my second oldest's girlfriend swears by Burt Bee's! I'm getting curious, and if I see this I will def. snag it for my will-be-here-in-May grandbaby. :)

  4. cute for a stocking stuffer for baby's 1st christmas and store the photo of the holiday in the frame

  5. Would love to have this for my baby, their products work wonders! Thanks, Molly Bussler


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