NFL Camp Memories and a #Giveaway

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So, I have been talking about the NFL Football camp that the boys went to, but I have yet to tell all of you about it.  (I really apologize, I will blog about that later...)  Anyways, as a blogger, I get plenty of emails each day... I love it and I love when great opportunities come my way. 
This was no exception!!!  We had the chance to have the boys go to a Football camp for the day.
The 12 year old is IN LOVE with football... and he hopes to make it to the NFL down the road.  The 15 year old loves sports, so I knew he would like it too.
This was such a neat day... 

First of all, I believe it was like the third year they did it... 
(Our first year, but hopefully not the last.)
The camp was held at Cartersville High School.  Come to find out, the two guys that put the camp on, Ronnie Brown and Andre Fluellen, are from Cartersville.  They host this camp as a way to give back to the community that supported them.

We got there and they had registration for an hour.  After that, they divided the kids up by age...   and then they started the camp.
Now, this was from what I saw as a parent, so don't hold me to this... 

They had all the kids in the different groups and they rotated training area's....
It appeared as though there were 4 football players from Cartersville High....     With that they had a coach working with them  and then at least one NFL player.
The kids would work in one area of training for like 15-20 minutes and then they would go to the next area on the field.    I loved that they had coolers all around with water for the participants and their families...
(They also had a medical station readily available.)

After the camp, they had lunch for the participants and their families... 
Cici's Pizza and Powerade!!!!

After lunch, they had an autograph signing.
They had all the participants go into an auditorium and sit in the middle seats...
As each kid entered, they were given an autograph card, a raffle ticket and a goody bag!!!  
They had a raffle drawing and gave out several prizes... different gift cards, signed footballs and even "beats" headphones!!!!

I would tell you their names, but I am honestly not sure... Sorry...
Then, the players entered and they all sat up front.
Each row of kids were able to come up and get their autographs...
They could get their shirt autographed (each participant got a free shirt) or they could get their autograph card signed...  We actually brought autograph footballs for each of the boys to have them sign.

The boys were so excited to get to meet the different players... and they were so thrilled to have their picture taken with them!!!!  (If you notice this picture, it actually has all three of the boys that were at the camp... and look at the ring on the guys hand... SUPER BOWL RING!)
My guys were so excited and had such a great day!!!!!!
A HUGE thanks to Ronnie and Andre for doing this camp... As well as Deon and Nakia for making it possible for my boys to be there!!!!
Now... Because I love you....
I was able to grab 2 goody bags to give as a giveaway!!!!
The bag has the camp information on it ... 
Inside is a DVD copy of the Hunger Games, a baseball cap from the G.I. Joe Movie and other items!   

I tell you this...
If you are in /near Cartersville, Georgia ... You should keep an eye / ear out and plan on participating in this camp next year.  This year, it was open for kids in grades 5-12.  

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  1. They look like they so much fun

  2. That looks like a lot of fun.

  3. that looks like they had a lot of fun.

  4. I hope you have a good summer.

  5. NFL football camp does rock. Awesome that you got to go!!

  6. My boys would have loved to go to something like this!

  7. I have to say, I am jealous. I would love to bring my kids to something cool like that. What a great time!

  8. Have a nice day! Hope I win, I'd give it to my husband.


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