Monsters University Full Of Laughs For All

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Lately there has been much chatter about the latest "Monsters" movie..
Monsters University has just been released in theaters and IT IS AWESOME!!!!

We had the chance to go to an advance screening and we had a blast...
It was in 3D and I was so happy that Broxton actually wore the glasses the whole time.
Well, okay... not the WHOLE time... He did take them off at one point to check out the crowd... Our row consisted of us and then a group of cheerleaders in their uniform... so, I guess I couldn't be mad at him!

Back to the movie....
It started with a Pixar Original, Blue Umbrella...
It was cute...   a bit slow for Broxton to enjoy, so obviously not one for the little ones... but I loved it!!!!

Monsters University is the PREQUEL to Monsters Inc.
It actually has Mike and Sulley in their younger days...  

I thought it was awesome and I was enjoying hearing Marc bust out laughing too!!!
In Monsters University, we learn that Mike has ALWAYS wanted to be a scarer...    When he was younger, he was on a field trip and met a Monsters University alum... thus sealing his decisions that he just HAD to go there when it was his time...     Once at M.U.  he meets Sulley...   the "natural born" scarer... It is in his genes....     Now, that is all I am going to tell you, you have to go watch to see what happens...
I was laughing throughout... as was Marc and the boys...
Let me know if you go...   If you are a fan of Monsters Inc... YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!
(If not, it's about time you were!)  


  1. We finally saw this and I loved it!

  2. My boyfriend, Ethan, and I saw it the 2nd day it was out. Amazing movie!! While I think it is more for the older crowd who were kids when the first one came out, it's definitely enjoyable for all ages and a must see :)

  3. Mica and Isaak went with my parents. My Mom said Isaak was laughing through the whole thing.


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