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We love to read around here... Not only is it a great way to "escape" and enjoy other things... 
I love it as it is a teaching tool as well.  
4 Sunflowers Media has another great book in the Fuzzwippers Series. 
This is Fuzzwippers Make Good Helpers, by Marilynn Halas.  

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Broxton has been asking me to read this to him on different occasions.  
I love the story in this, like all the Fuzzwipper Books!!!
In this book, Elizabeth and her fuzzwipper pal, Fuzzina set to help out the community.
When the two of them started outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, they saw how sad and neglected the community garden was...
They enlisted the help of their friends and turned it back into the beauty that it once was, one that everyone could enjoy!!!
I loved it because it showed how EVERYONE can help...  and that you don't have to do something for a physical reward... they helped make the community garden beautiful for everyone to enjoy!!!
As with all Fuzzwipper books, they also want to make sure to share the most important message of all ... 
This is a great book to read... especially now that you CAN get outside and make something beautiful!!!!


  1. I haven't heard of it, but we're all about reading, so I'll keep my eyes out for it the next time we hit up the bookstore.


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