Making Memories at the Mill. W/W

While the boys were here, we decided to go back over to where we used to live... 
It is the Roswell Mill.
I used to go there to take pictures when I was in school... and Marc had taken the boys in the past...
Talk about things changing!!!  They now have a covered bridge (that was not there last time I went, that I remember) and they have walking trails now...  
Okay.  Let me say this, the PLAN was to go to an AIR CONDITIONED MUSEUM... and we ended up walking all around outside in the heat.  I am glad I had my camera, but I was totally not up for this...
It ended up being fun, so that is all that matters, right?

Marc and the boys...

Love water shots... 

I just thought this was neat the way the greenery was growing/cut at the angle.  
I was walking at my own pace, taking pictures of all sorts of things, when I noticed an arrow drawn in the ground.  Broxton told Marc that they needed to leave me "clues" to know where they were...   My sweet boy, always looking out for his mommy!!!!

After walking a bit, you come to this beauty!!!!

I am not one for walking and climbing, so I let Marc go on and climb down with Broxton, while I stayed up top... I just get to nervous!!!!

Yet another water shot, I told you I love them!!!

The Mill.. Here is one piece of the old run down equipment.

Another piece of the Mill.
(They have signs around everything to let you know the story behind them... I just did not take pictures of them.  Sorry.)

Another part of the Ruins of the Mill.

Daddy and the boys looking out. 

How has your summer been so far?


  1. I love going places, and finding out that they've made it better! Sadly now a days places get more run down than better. That place does look really pretty! I like to climb, as long as it doesn't include big time heights.

  2. That looks like a great place to spend some time. I love the arrow clue left behind for mom. :)

  3. Wow, what beautiful photos of the place! Glad you got to enjoy this outing with the family!

  4. Looks like an awesome place. Love the gorgeous photos.

  5. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon.

  6. You took nice photos. :)

    Have a nice day.


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