Bedtime Stories and Math?! #DigIntoReading

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I admit, math has NEVER been a strong subject for me...
I wish I was more like my dad and my brother, it just comes natural to them...
I wish I was like them in that aspect... But, I do plan on doing everything I can to help Broxton!

When I saw that there was a book, Bedtime Math, I was excited...
As much as Broxton LOVES books... especially at bedtime, I knew this was going to be fun!
I great "short story" to read... with a math problem to go with it!

Bedtime Math is great for kids of all ages!
It says it is for ages 3-8.
This book is one to grow with..

On each page, you have a "story"  The story is basically a paragraph that is sure to keep kids attention (not to mention the illustrations!)  Then, the opposite page has 3 different "problems."  They are divided up Wee Ones, Little Kids and Big Kids...

Bedtime Math Chapters:
Exploding Food
Wild Pets
Extreme Vehicles
Sports You Shouldn't Try at Home
Really Odd Jobs

The answers to the problems are on the bottom (upside down) of the page...
For those that are not great at math, they also show the problem at the back of the book!

If you are looking for a book to not only stimulate the mind, but also to have you laughing...
You will love Bedtime Math!
( I Know Broxton has asked me to read it to him several times now!)


  1. Ohh, I love this!! My son's teacher said he's way ahead in Math (two grades ahead), and he loves anything to do with it. No idea where he got it from, not me or his dad, but I like it. :)

  2. Mica didn't like math, and now he does. Isaak seems to understand addition. I'm not sure how he does, but he does.


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