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I tell you, we love learning about different things...
The great thing about my blogging, is that some of the CD's, DVD's and Books that we get....
Well, some get sent in to Broxton's class for them to enjoy from time to time.

I am thinking that Marsh Mud Madness might be one that heads in for a day or two... 
I was not really sure what to think when Roger Day showed up in my mailbox... 

It was a DVD about MARSH MUD.  
What can you expect?!
Well, this was nothing like what was in my mind, that is for sure!!!
Marsh Mud Madness has Roger Day putting on a concert for school children.  
It is a DVD of his concert, but they also add footage of the things he is singing about... 
I loved that they had the kids singing and dancing in their seats... all about the marsh!!!

Read more about Marsh Mud Madness HERE: 
Produced by the Savannah Music Festival and Roger Day, with support from the Georgia Sea Grant and the Courtney Knight Gaines Foundation, the video features engaging information about the plants and animals that make up the Atlantic coastal ecosystem, interspersed with Day performing 12 original songs about goopy mud, fascinating coastal animals and the waters and plants of the marsh itself, in front of a live audience of thousands of kids.

In fact, over the past two years, more than 30,000 children in several states have learned about the Atlantic marshland ecology via Roger’s Marsh MudMadness songs.

Three years in the making, this video began in 2009 when Roger spent five days exploring Sapelo Island, a barrier island south of Savanna, GA. There, he learned about the fragile ecosystem from scientists at the University Georgia Marine Institute. Georgia Sea Grant sponsored the visit, and they commissioned Day to compose a program of songs about the Georgia coast for elementary school audience. While watching turtles nest and trekking through the maritime forest, Day wrote a song cycle about the importance of habitat and watershed health, the abundance of creatures that depend on the state’s water resources and how individuals can help protect the coastal eco-system.


  1. I love when something has a unique twist or spin and as such doles out a pleasant surprise. :) This sounds fun.

  2. It sounds different than what I was thinking to.


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