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I love reading and exploring with Broxton.  There are so many things that he now wants to do.  I know he is growing up and is showing his independence more and more...but I still love watching "my baby" grow and learn each day!!!
We were sent a book to review and it was fun to read and see just how much he is changing.  

Now I Am Big by Stephen Krensky was just what we needed.  
This is yet again a great board book... Perfect for all of the young kids... Those just starting to read will love seeing the simple words and illustration and will love the accomplishment of finishing it..  All while seeing just how much they have changed.  
(You can even work and add in that you used to read it to them, now they can read it to you!)
In Now I Am Big, you follow a little boy that used to be short (shows him in a stroller) and then now he is tall (and he can pick the fruit off the tree he used to look at from the stroller.)  
I loved the rhyming of each section and how it was a book that shows just how much you do change over time as you learn and explore.  

I think that this would be a great book to share with a kid that is preparing to start to school and may be a bit nervous.  You can show them that they have the whole world ahead and that they will grow in school too!  

About the book
Children and parents alike will delight in this joyous declaration of toddler independence. This book celebrates the feats of growing out of babyhood and starting to embrace the world on your own terms. Whether it’s being tall enough to reach a high shelf or brave enough to splash in the waves, Krensky and Gillingham address the small victories that come with growing just a little bit older. Energentic text and retro-fresh illustrations celebrate this important developmental stage with charm and relevance.

Note: illustrations are in the style of vintage screen prints, with imperfect variations in color and texture.


  1. I like these books that help ease them into a big transition ( like school ).

    I like board books too, they're way better if you have little ones who can't help but tear thin paper.


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