Is It Football Season Yet?? W/W

Football season is a GREAT time in our house... 
I am a Georgia Bulldog... Born and Raised...
Marc is a LSU Tiger...  
Broxton loves both... Ha ha ha.. He can not pick one yet :)

So.  Since we had another "staycation" day, we decided to drive over to Athens, Georgia to let the 12 year old check it out...  If you have never been, UGA is a BEAUTIFUL campus...
But, back to our trip!
We went to the Butts - Mehre Building.
It is like a "Hall of Fame" or "Museum" of all things Georgia.
(It is NEVER too early to start training in the team to love!)  

Herschel Walker display case.  Enough said!!!

Broxton checking out all of the bowl rings and watches.  

This mural was above the doors going somewhere downstairs.  

There was a camp of some sorts going on, so we just casually took a stroll out onto the practice field.  Of course, that meant Broxton had to show that he was going to be a future bulldog!

Broxton and little Marc running in the end zone on the practice field.

If you are a Bulldog, you know the quote...
Finish the Drill!!!!

Herschel Walker's Heisman!

I just love this picture!!!  I wanted it because of the "G" going across all of the steps.. but then I just love that face!!!!  He is such a ham!!!

You know we all love UGA... I am trying to get Marc to love him just as much as we do!!!!

Are you ready for Football Season?
Who is your team?


  1. We have too many teams in this house. I got my first degree from FSU, 2nd from MSU, and am working on my doctorate at Univ. of Neb.-Lincoln.

    That leaves me w/three teams to cheer on. Then I was born in Ohio so OSU will always have a soft spot, though I don't tell anyone. ;)

    Hubby went to MSU fresh out of high school and now he's at UM finishing up that degree years later. What a traitor he is!!! ;)

    I like the pic on the steps too. The smile is priceless.


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