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We love reading all different sorts of books.  I really want Broxton to love to read and I try to always have books on hand for us to snuggle up and read.  I admit, there are a few of his "baby books" that he still looks at, but that is so he can "read" to me!  We were sent the book, Up Close and it is a fun one for little ones!!!!
Up Close by Gay Wegerif is more for infants or even for early readers, as the words are simple and there are just a few on each page.  Take for example, the first page : 
"Up Close, I see your green eyes.  You are a.... "
The 2 page spread then includes a solid white page that has 2 green circles (eyes) and an orange semi circle (mouth)  We were able to make all sorts of guesses as to what was going to be on the next page...But you also get to work on your colors and your shapes as well as the reading and creative imagination!
This is a board book and is great and chunky for a little one to hold and look at, yet is also sturdy enough to last for many years as a page turner!!!
If you are a little one, or are looking for a great gift...
Check out Up Close from Abrams Appleseed.
About the book
Recognizing and labeling animals has never been so geometrically inspired! Young children will delight in the usual suspects (bunny, pig, frog, chicken, monkey, and lion) depicted in a whole new way. The elements of each zoomed-in face provide only a subtle hint of the animals’ identities, inviting children (and adults!) to stretch the boundaries of what defines an animal image. The simple question-and-answer format provides immediate gratification for even the shortest attention spans.


  1. Keep up the good work mama.
    WE are book worms here. We take the library home with us :D
    We loves it!

  2. This looks like a great book! JDaniel would enjoy it.

  3. It's fun that you were guessing what came next. :)


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