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One thing I loved about Broxton's class last year was that his teacher was awesome.  There were several times throughout the year where I would go and read the great books that we had been sent for review.  I really hope that I can do that this year as well...  But if not, I am pretty sure his teacher from last year will not mind me sending books for her to look at with her class... One book that I want her to see is Where Is Mama.  ( I hope I can read it to Broxton's class too, as I loved his face as we read it together at home!)

Where is Mama by Yating Hung is a Pop-Up Story.  
I will be honest and say at first, I was not to thrilled with it.. 
The first couple of pages are a bit confusing to me... 
At first you start and you have to open the page up / down to be a big 4 page spread.  
Then, the next page is opened up from the middle towards the left to be a 3 page spread.  

BUT - from that point on, each page was basically just a pop up... with only one other one being a 3 pager.   I know, it isn't a big deal, but for a little one (or maybe a tired mom) it was just like what way do I open it now?!  
Anyways... Moving along...
 I thought it was so cute.. 

You have these tadpoles that are looking for their mom... (That was my favorite page, when the tadpole  eggs hatched!  That was also when Broxton really started paying attention.)  
Each page after that has them seeing someone they think is there mom, but it isn't ... and the mama creature tells them no, that their mom has certain features..  So, the tadpoles continue on, searching and each other mama they encounter tells them another feature to look for to finding their mom!  
Broxton was laughing, just as I was at seeing him, at each page, as they thought a fish was their mom... and a duck... and more!  
I know all little ones will love the excitement of each page turning, pop out exploration!  

About the book
In this stylish and sturdy pop-up story, five little tadpoles hatch from their eggs, but their mother is nowhere to be found. They set off to find her—but how will they recognize her? What does she look like? By meeting the other animals in the pond—Mama Duck, Mama Fish, Mama Turtle, and Mama Crab—they gather the clues they need, until finally an especially loud “Ribbit, ribbit!” happily reunites the family. Young readers will delight in this charming family story, with its opportunities to identify mama and baby animals and its striking pop-up illustrations.


  1. We have a book a little similar, but yours sounds more informative too, with the tadpoles hatching and such. Very fun!

  2. Yes, I definitely see the appeal in this with the searching for the right mom and dad type thing. Cute!


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