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I used to go out and about often...
Then, I worked a good amount...  met Marc, got married, had Broxton...
and you see where I am at now. 
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE where I am at..
I am just saying I used to party a good amount... 

One place that I would go...  
(I would behave too, as I was normally with my parents and kid brother)
Dave and Busters!!!
Although, I have gone there a few times without them!
Please tell me you have heard of Dave and Busters...  

Well, Marc and I have mentioned needing / wanting to go there.. but we just have not had the time.. 
Until this past week.  I was invited to come grab lunch and check out the new games that have recently been released, so of course, we headed there...    Of course, it has been raining off and on for what seems like forever.. but the day we go, BEAUTIFUL skies... (When we left, the storms came out again!)
When you pull in the parking lot, you see immediately that you are welcome there!  

My lunch date for the day!!!!

I went with:
Potato Chip Crusted Chicken
Tender chicken breasts in a crushed Lay’s® potato chip crust, fried to a golden brown and served with warm French onion dipping sauce, with a medley of oven-roasted vegetables and new potatoes.

Marc chose:
Bacon-Wrapped Beef Medallions & Grilled Shrimp*
Marinated medallions of Sirloin steak wrapped in bacon, alongside garlic herb shrimp. Char-grilled and served with a medley of oven-roasted vegetables and new potatoes, accompanied with a side of tomato and basil Bruschetta.

Goodness My!!!  I love these two!!!!  Of course, Broxton wanted Chicken Strips.. but when it came, he was too excited and wanted to go play.... Luckily for us, the server (great service by the way!)  told  him that he needed to try and eat, so that he had energy to go play!    
The food was GREAT!!!!  I loved the chicken.  It was just great... and the French Onion dipping sauce was an extra bonus!!!  Marc was going on and on about the vegetables and potatoes... As soon as I took my first bite, I knew what he meant... (This is coming from a man that acts like vegetables are the devil!)  Marc was going on about how great the food was seasoned, the way his food was juicy, cooked just the right way!  I was impressed that he ate the bruschetta, as I thought for sure he would leave that on the plate.  

When you enter, you can go straight to the "Midway" where the games are... or you can be seated in the restaurant area... They also have a great sports bar area and PLENTY of billiards for everyone!!!
We were very impressed with the televisions for the Sports Bar area... (I used to work in a sports bar for 10 years...)   We chose to sit in the restaurant area... It was not quite as loud as the "midway" and we also thought that being away from the distraction might make Broxton eat...  
Not to mention, Marc was on call for work, so he needed to be able to hear his phone...  
It ended up working out great for us... but Broxton was too excited! 

If you want to go grab lunch or dinner... They have a great selection...
(We will head back soon to try their deserts, but lets be honest... We were stuffed after lunch and had NO ROOM left!!!)
If you are one for Happy Hour, the drinks look fantastic!
I don't drink anymore, but that Strawberry Watermelon Summerita looks pretty tasty...
Oh...and are you a fan of Snow Cones?
If so, I bet you will be happy to know that they have ADULT SNOWCONES!
What?!   I know.. Sounds too good to be true!!!!

Make sure you head back tomorrow to hear about the games!  

Have you ever been to a Dave and Busters?


  1. LOVE Dave and Busters! Went there with my birth mother the first time I went to see her, great place!


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