G.H. Cretors is More Than Just Popcorn!!!

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We love popcorn here.  I think we all do, actually!  

I know there has been many a nights that popcorn has been requested as a snack and I know that we go through plenty of it when the boys are here...   We normally get the plain kind and a couple years ago, the boys gave us the popcorn tin with flavored popcorn.  I could not remember the last time having popcorn like that... of course we enjoyed it... and that made me reminisce when we were sent a box of goodies from G.H. Cretors. 

I was totally surprised when we opened the box.
Inside the box we were treated to several different flavors:
Cheese, Caramel, Caramel Nut Crunch, Kettle Corn and Chicago Mix.
I made the mistake of opening the Caramel Nut Crunch just to taste...
Yeah, that did NOT work out right...
Next thing you knew... 
Broxton, Marc and I were inhaling it like we were on a food eating contest!
It was DELICIOUS!!!!

I tell you, G.H. Cretors knows what they are doing when it comes to making Popcorn...
The popcorn was huge popped pieces of yummy greatness!
Each piece was flavored just so, there is no worrying about digging through the bag to get the flavored pieces.  It seems as though each piece has been hand coated to ensure satisfaction!!!
Come to find out, in 1885, this whole company was started and it seems like they are building upon their success each year!!!!

I wish I could show you pictures of us eating it... but lets be real.
I was not about to miss my chance of trying this by taking pictures and it was not fair to get Broxton and Marc to just sit there and look at it..

As I said, we started with the Caramel Nut Crunch.
It was so good... that the next day, Marc asked me where I was hiding it, as he wanted more...
I told him we had finished it and he was upset.  He kept talking about how great the flavor was and how it was not hard, but just right in texture.
I told him that we had other flavors, but he seemed to have his heart set on that one...
That was when I told him we had Caramel, so he would just be missing the nuts from the one he already tried.
Of course, that was a good answer, as we inhaled it as well.

Broxton really seemed to love the Cheese one.
I thought he would pick the Kettle Corn as his favorite, ( I thought that would be my favorite too)  but it wasn't.  Honestly, I think once you try the other flavors they offer.... to just settle for Kettle Corn is sort of blah.  So- if you are one that likes plain popcorn, you will totally love it... but those that like to change it up will love the others more!!!

I was able to save the Chicago Mix to be last.
I was IN -LOVE !!!
Wow... I was thinking it would be weird.. Caramel and Cheese Mixed?  Nothing weird there... It was amazing!!!!   I was able to take a quick picture before we ate it all...
I did rotate how I ate it... just cheese, just caramel... then mixed... over and over again... so yummy!

If you are a fan of popcorn, I tell ya now... 
Check out G.H. Cretors!  You can order the sampler pack to see what you like the best!!!!
Make sure you follow them on FACEBOOK too!!!!


  1. I love me some flavorful popcorn!

  2. Nom Nom! I love popcorn. For some odd reason Mica doesn't like it unless it's made by us. Isaak will eat it though.


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