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I love trivial things...
That must be why I was so excited when the Big Book of Where from Time For Kids showed up...
I knew that Marc and I would enjoy it...
I was glad that the boys were here, as we had a great time reading and guessing the different things... 

The Big Book of Where was very informative of 801 Facts Kids Want to Know!!!
I know one thing, everything these days is a question and a discussion with Broxton.. I love that he is so curious, but sometimes, I just do not know the answer and he won't take "I am not sure" for an answer when I am driving... 

Time for Kids - Big Book Of Where Chapters:
North America
South America
Australia and Oceania
The Oceans

Each page is full of information!!
You start with Home  - WHERE does your electricity come from?
There are pictures to answer the question, there is plenty of text and there is a cute block of information (in this case, it was showing how you could rub a balloon on your hair to get static electricity!)   I honestly loved that you could read the question, written in large bold print at the top of the two page spread... and then there was plenty of information to answer the question...  You were given enough information to have a short answer, such as the fist US Capital was in New York.., but you have plenty of other information as to where they wanted it to be and how it ended up being in Washington DC (along with pictures!)

This book was both fun and educational... 
I learned just as much as the kids did!!!
I think this is a great book for any library! 


  1. Mica would love to read it. He's a bookaholic.


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