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Just a few helpful tips from Modern Family to help you with Back to School!
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Back to School Tips for Modern Parents
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In Season 4, we watched as Haley went off to college and Lily had her first day of Kindergarten. These are two big steps that are often very hard for parents to handle. Here is some advice for all of those modern parents out there who are going through these transitional stages with their families. 

Set Guidelines 
Before you send off your precious son or daughter to fend for their selves in college, make sure you clearly discuss guidelines. Remind them that even though you are not there to set specific rules, they are still responsible for their actions. Claire and Phil certainly know what it’s like when your daughter calls you one night because they’ve been caught doing illegal things by the police.

Prepare Your Little One  
Kindergarten is a huge step for your little one! Make sure they are prepared for their big day by giving them a basic educational foundation and teaching them to play well with others. When Lily heads off to kindergarten and gets in a tousle on her first day, Cam and Mitchell are put in a very awkward situation. No parent wants to be in the same situation!

Communication is Key  
Set up specific times to continue growing as a family. There is a fine line between suffocating your college kid and staying informed about what’s going on in their life. Many families will select a certain time, for instance Sunday afternoons, to have family phone calls and catch up on the week’s happenings, even if they have talked throughout the week. Just because your son or daughter has moved out, it does not mean that your relationship has to suffer! In fact, sometimes parent-child relationships grow once the kid has left for college.

Distract Yourself  
Plan a fun activity for yourself right after dropping your son of in his college dorm room or leaving your daughter for the first day of kindergarten. Have a distraction for yourself so that you don’t find yourself at home looking through photo albums and wondering “how did the time go by so quickly?” These steps are exciting, but certainly emotional and you don’t want to wallow in your sorrows.

Show You Care 
 No matter what age your child is, make sure you are sharing in their excitement! Whether you have a kindergartener bringing home a painting or a college student signing up for campus activities, ask them questions about their life and listen to their answers. Celebrate with them when they ace an exam or learn to count to 20.

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  1. I think the most important tip at our house is the Communication is Key which is especially important as kids get older.

  2. For me the most relevant is Prepare Your Little One because my older son is becoming close to school age.

  3. Set Guidelines!!

  4. I think "prepare your little one" is the most important!

  5. Shared it for you. Have a great week!

  6. For us the most important was "communication is key". While it annoyed me that my mom was constantly calling at first, we learned how to keep in touch without her suffocating me and our relationship actually grew stronger :)

  7. I think the "Communication is Key" tip is very important.

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  8. communication is the key especially since I have four girls

  9. Communication is Key `is most important.

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