Hope For Steve

Time to get personal here and ask you a favor...
Remember how I said that I used to work in a sports bar?
Well, being a manager there (and working there for almost 10 years) I have met tons of people....
Some were customers and others were my co-workers...

The one I want to tell you about today was a co-worker of mine.
Hope.  This girl... I tell ya...  Lover of life and just a great person...
Well, years have passed (we are facebook friends, no worry)  and I want to tell you about her and her husband, Steve ...  I am going to really condense it down for you...  Not to be rude, but because I want you to watch the video and keep them in your prayers...

Long story short:
Hope and Steve met... Started dating...  He was diagnosed with ALS (AKA Lou Gehrig's disease)  I don't think he was even 30 years old yet...  He was in love with Hope and proposed...  They got married (like within 2 months of the proposal)  Hope was even on Say Yes to the Dress....    But anyways...

ALS is kicking his butt right now.... But Steve... man, this guy is a fighter!
I have yet to meet him... although I want to ...  He seems awesome and makes Hope so very happy...  The photos that she posts, talk about love!!!!  Add to it, he is a UGA fan, so come on, an even greater guy now!

Anyways.. they are working to spread awareness of ALS and I wanted to share their story...  Please, take a minute to say a prayer for them...  As of September 26th, he has been admitted (yet again) into the hospital.

They have a website:  HopeforSteve


  1. It put tears in my eyes! My brother-in-law lost his father shortly after I met him due to ALS! With him it went very quick like Steve's. Every day there was something different he couldn't do. He'd visit and not be able to button up my niece's shirt, then he'd come the next time and not be able to stand, then it was a wheel chair.

    My heart aches for Steve and your friend, his wife!

    There is another form of ALS. One where people stay around longer. The scientist and writer Steven Hawkings has that. He's lived many years with ALS. He's still alive. Man that guy has done a lot to spread the word about it! He has written books even though he can't write, or talk. He uses a computer that reads his brain.

  2. What a video. I also visited their site HopeforSteve.

  3. I just stopped what I was doing for a few minutes to lift him up in prayer, friend.

  4. Wow, what a powerful video! It had me in tears the entire time. That's an amazing couple for sure, my thoughts are with them. I really hope they find a cure to this awful disease.

  5. Aww Noelle, there are no words. What a beautiful couple, and a remarkable video.
    Prayers are a given without even asking.


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