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I was sent a couple new deodorants to try out and I love the way that it feels when I put it on...  GeoDeo is so "cool".  No, really... it is cool...   It is not a gel, but it is not one of the white solids like I am used to using...It is one of those invisible solids...  It is like a smooth "ice" that goes on.  It is cool and refreshing and I have enjoyed using it!
I do think that the "Island" scent is my favorite though!
Some features are:
·         Volcanic minerals & icelandic algae to fight impurities
·         Bamboo & aloe to nourish skin
·         Breakthrough eco-technology to help cleanse pores
·         24- hour odor protection
·         Vitamin E to fight free radicals
·         Invisible solid
·         Allergen-free
·         Recyclable, travel-friendly 2.3 oz container 

GEODEO also has a patented Detox Complex to help remove impurities and toxins from the underarm area.GEODEO has certified natural ingredients and does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, sulfates, parabens, dyes, phthalates or propylene glycol.
GEODEO uses eco-technology to reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce energy consumed up to 50% compared to other deodorant sticks. Your underarms will celebrate all year long with the scents of the tropics in its summer travel- friendly size of 2.3 oz.
Taste for Life editors reviewed dozens of natural products in search for the perfect winners for the season. The products selected helped them cool down, freshen up and look and feel their best. They chose items which featured ingredients that are good for the body, kind to the planet and are meant to be used year round.  


  1. A white solid that goes on cool? That's cool. Hahaha, no it really is cool! I'd try it. :)

  2. oh no, i need to go reword that...
    it is a solid.. but not a white solid... guess i should say an invisible solid... not like the white solids i am used to... does that make sense?
    headed to edit now. lol, thanks :)

  3. These sound really cool! I like how they use eco-technology and I like how they are conscious of their ingredients.

  4. If it has less toxins that's great!

    I've even thought of making my own, but haven't. It seems like a pain to make.


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