Tea of a Kind

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Being that I am a Southern Girl, born and raised, you know that means I love my Sweet Tea! The only problem is that have you ever had old tea?  Not.  That.  Great.
So, when we are getting ready to go out of town or something, we don't make tea... as we don't want to waste it.  Oh.. and remember Marc not being a fan of water?  and trying to cut back on sodas?  Yeah... tea is like air around here... But it isn't the best at travelling places..
Well, I recently had the chance to try out a new (to me) tea.
Tea of a Kind ... 

I was sent the three different flavors:
Peach Ginger - Black Tea
Pomegranate Acai - White Tea
Citrus Mint - Green Tea

So, let me tell you about the Tea.
It is in a bottle...   
Tea of a Kind shows up as a plain bottle of water.  But... it's so much more than a bottle of water..  If you notice the top, there is a small capsule looking thing up there!  You twist the cap, the capsule opens up...  bursting with flavor!  

Tea of a Kind is water... but the Tea is in the cap.
As you twist the cap, the tea that was in the capsule, bursts through with the flavor.  
Leaving you with a great tasting tea!
I have to admit, I was not really a fan of the White or Green Tea, but it could be because I do not think I am a fan of any white or green tea...   Now the Black Tea?  Wow... I was in love!! It tastes great!   Not to mention it was Peach Ginger flavored!  Oh My Goodness!!!
Tea of a Kind is not available near us right now, but I can order it online.
I will tell you this, if you enjoy tea... I would bet you will enjoy one of these flavors!


  1. I'll totally have to check this out. Maybe a Christmas gift idea. Travis and I talk about getting each other special foods and drinks that we don't normally get instead of items.


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