A few (new to me) books from Margaret Wise Brown @parragonbooks

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Talk about learning something new every day.... 
I have always known that Margaret Wise Brown was the author of Goodnight Moon, but I was not familiar with her other books... until now.  I had no idea she had so many!  Last month I was able to share with you Jingle Paws... Well, this month get ready for 2 additional Margaret Wise Brown books!   
The Noon Balloon is a very colorfully illustrated book that has a couple kids set off for an adventure in a hot air balloon.  (If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE hot air balloons, so I was excited to check this one out!)  As we turn the pages, we see the hot air balloon travel all over, from the city to the country, past a circus and into a storm, before finally reaching their destination.   It was a cute one and I know Broxton will love it when I pick it for bed time this week!  

The other book was One More Rabbit... This is a counting book that allows us to see one rabbit and his family as they get ready for a party... One mama, one daddy, two sisters, three brothers and so on... all the way to cousins and great grandparents!!!  The whole thing was about ONE rabbit family celebrating!  Loved the illustrations and all the silly things they were doing to have a fun party!  


  1. The Noon Balloon looks like a book I would like. I like children's books so much!


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