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Are you unfamiliar with Vous Vitamin?  I was until recently...   
I think it is awesome that you can create a vitamin just for your needs.  
They have a survey you fill out and then they create one specifically for you!   
From their website:

With new knowledge about the role of different nutrients always evolving, safety surrounding the use of certain supplements is always a foremost concern.  Finding the right vitamins in the right amounts can be a challenge. Vous Vitamin will provide you with a medically sound, premium product that is of the highest quality. As well as helpful resources and posts.

Besides Personalized Vitamins, they also have "situational supplements" that could be just what you need!   Head on over to see what they offer!

Whether it's cold and flu season, or you are just feeling run down, sometimes you need a boost.  Afraid of catching the cooties when people are coughing all around you? Feeling sick, but no time to run to grandma's for chicken soup? Our unique blend of Vitamins C, D3 and zinc helps support your Immune System when you need it most. Your white blood cells need the right nutrients to function optimally and fend off disease. This situational supplement is taken with water twice daily when you need it, so that you can be on your feet in no time.

Make sure with all the bugs going around this year, you stay prepared and ready for all life throws your way!  


  1. That's pretty neat. I buy vitamins and find it frustrating, at times, that I can't find a vitamin with all the daily stuff I want in it!

  2. Hubby told me to start taking Zinc last year. I did, and for me that's been working so far (knock on wood!). I love that this one here could help give a little boost. I've been burning the candle at both ends for awhile now. It's going to catch up to me.


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