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If you are trying to think outside the box on a great gift, I have a perfect solution for you!  
The Bouqs roses would be a great way to show how much you care.  This doesn't even have to be for Christmas, it can be New Years, Valentines, Easter, Just Because, Anniversary and so much more... 
The Bouqs are roses that are straight from an Eco-Friendly farm ON an active volcano.  
I don't know about you, but doesn't that sound so much more "out there" than just regular roses?  I know, I am all about the different...   Anyways, I was excited to try them out, so I picked the Confetti Flower Bouquet.  I eagerly waited for them to arrive and when they did I was so excited!   

The Bouqs arrives in a slender box, with each rose carefully wrapped so that they will not be damaged in the shipping.    The Bouqs also lets you add a personalized note, so that when you open the box, you are greeted with the message.  
Look how beautiful and colorful they all are!   I was in love from the second I opened the box!  I had a vase ready and Broxton and I placed them in the vase and put them on the table for us to enjoy!  
I thought they were so pretty and they added just the right splash of color to the place!  With gorgeous reds, pinks, purples, whites, light greens and yellows!  Amazing!  
We were able to enjoy them for quite some time, although,  I hate that I did not try and see exactly how long they lasted in our house!  

Remember, if roses aren't your thing, The Bouqs have several other flowers that are sure to delight the recipient.  They also have 3 sizes of order options to choose from and get this... You can even set up a delivery plan to send more than one arrangement.  ( I think this would be great for my dad, since he tends to forget things like birthday and anniversary dates!  )  You just plan the best for you and they will help customize the deal for you!  Talk about great service! 


  1. What a creative idea! THose are very pretty flowers!

  2. I always randomly want to send my parents flowers. Usually we randomly take them out to eat though.


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