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I am all about Broxton using his hands and his brain in being creative and having fun.  We love different toys that allow him to express himself in many different ways, so when I saw the OgoBild box, I thought this would be perfect for him to play with!    I was so excited when the chance to work with them arrived and I know that you will love it too!  
First up, let me give you the "overview" of OgoBild from their website: 
We are designers. But we don't just design products.

From award-winning classics like the Super SportsDisk to newer creations like OGOBILD, we don't just design toys or sporting goods - we design something more...We design active play for all ages. We design endless hours of fun for your children. And hours of fun with your children.
OgoSport was founded in 2004 by a duo of accomplished designers from world-renowned school of design, the Pratt Institute. Our talented roster of creators formed the company to question the current direction of play, and these inquires have inspired us to seek new directions in product development. Accordingly, we have set the following criteria for products that carry the OgoSport name:
Encourage active play and exercise
Age ranges span from young children to grandparents
Encourage play between all age combinations in-between
Allow for open-ended exploration and experimentation
Opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play
Benefits for therapy and children with special needs
Safety, quality, and integrity
Batteries not required

This is what arrives in the box...   Bags of different parts.
Now it is up to you to use your creativity to make it into something
We quickly dug into the bags and started checking out what all was inside.  It was great seeing Broxton's excitement as he learned they were for him to build anything and everything he could think of.  The sky is the limit and he is having a blast!   
Nothing is sweeter when he says "Mama, will you play with me? " and I love being able to get down on the floor and us try building different things.  This is the best thing for us.  We get to play, we talk, we laugh...we make memories!   The best thing?  Right now, it is great for us to play and build and have fun... but when he gets older, he can use it to build and record movies!   Just check out some that are on their site!
I really like the Leap one... it just shows if you can dream it, you can do it!   
This would make one awesome gift! Order one to go under your tree!   


  1. Those do look fun! I've tried giving Mica other building things. He's a Lego junkie. That's all he wants. It's books, and Legos. Isaak is a little more open minded.

  2. I love when the kids want to play too...which is always for the little one, lolol! This is cute, it looks like a good together activity toy. :)


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