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The Doc is in!   At least that was the case at Career Day this year at Broxton's school!  I am telling you, if I saw one Doc McStuffins, I saw 20 of her!!!  I love that kids have a cute character they can relate to and I love that the end of her books have tips for the kids.   Blame it on the Rain - Tips on being safe in the rain...   Training Army Al - Tips on staying fit...    Each book leaves me guessing the diagnosis for her "Big Book of Boo-Boos" and these books are great for both boys and girls!  

Doc McStuffins - Blame it on the Rain:
 In this book, Doc gets to spend the day with her friend.. but it is raining, so they are inside.  Then, the sun comes out and they get to go out to play, that is when they find Moo-Moo cow and realize that it was left outside.  Moo-Moo is all wet now and Doc needs to take Moo-Moo home and diagnose the problem.  Once Moo-Moo is taken care of, she doesn't want to go home, since she was forgotten and left outside... What happens next?  You need to read it to figure it out!  

Doc McStuffins - Training Army Al
Training Army Al is super cute!  Doc's brother is headed to Badger Scout Camp and the toys are not wanting to go... They know what all happens that weekend and they just can't do it... Until one toy steps up, Army Al... ready for duty!   After the toys give Army Al a "Badger Scout Camp Bootcamp" they declare he is ready to serve!   Read the book to see what all happens over the weekend and what they do to welcome him home!  


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