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With the holiday break approaching, you might want to start thinking of simple and easy lunch / snack ideas to get through the break.  I was sent a great array of Spaghettios Micros and think this would be great.  You know you don't want to spend all of your time in the kitchen when you could be doing other things - last minute Christmas shopping, decorating cookies, doing arts and crafts, watching movies, you get the point... Let Spaghettios Micros fill their bellies with yummy hot food while you fill the time making memories!   We all know Campbells is MMmm Mmmm  Good, let the kiddo's know it too!  (No judgement from me when you grab a portion for yourself.  I may or may not have enjoyed some myself recently!  
Spaghettios Micros comes in several different flavors:   
Original, Meat Sauce, Cheeseburger O's and even Sliced Franks!   

The best part of these portions?  They are snack sized, so no need to worry about them eating too much. The other bonus?  It comes in a throw away container with a peel off lid, no need to concern yourself with the metal lids!  This makes it perfect for them to "help" in the kitchen when it comes to lunch / snack time!  

A little about Spaghettios:
SpaghettiOs original flavor was launched in October of 1965, introducing the world’s first spoonable spaghetti to moms across America. Shortly after, the brand branched out to include sliced franks and meatballs mixed in with the circular pasta and tomato sauce recipe. By 1992, Campbell made the decision to expand beyond the classic circle “O”s for which the product was named and rolled out a series of shaped pasta SpaghettiOs including Where’s WaldOsTM. Today, various shaped SpaghettiOs are still found on shelves alongside the original SpaghettiOs flavor.


  1. I had spaghettios not long ago. They were in the cupboard calling my name, what else is a girl s'posed to do. ;)

  2. I never had spaghettios growing up. When I babysat my cousins, I tried them out. I was in awww of their flavor. I don't think my kids have had them. I'm sure they'd love them.


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