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Has holiday break started at your child's school?  It did here, today and I am very excited!  Yes, I love when he is in school, but I love our time together too!  We play, we laugh, we sleep, we watch movies, we snuggle, we read and we even do a little homework!   Yes, you read that right!   We work on homework a bit too!   
It doesn't bother Broxton and I love that although we have LOTS of play time, we still do educational things as well!   Maybe we will write a letter, or color a picture... Work on counting or even work on shapes and colors.  Each day is something different, but the great thing is when I have " homework sheets" for him to work on as well!   I was recently sent several work- books for review from the Spectrum Series.  I was able to choose a few to look at and I went ahead and did some for now and then a couple for when he is in First Grade.  

The Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group has it all covered.  
You can search for books that you need based upon age / grade.  (They start at Toddler, Age 1-3 all the way to High School, Age 14-18)  If that is not the way you want to go, you are more than welcome to search based upon the theme / season or even the subject/ need)  

Since we are currently working on Sight Words, I thought that would be a great one for us to see.  (He is struggling with sight words, since according to my 5 year old, he KNOWS EVERYTHING!)  I also grabbed a math one, since he says that Math is his FAVORITE SUBJECT right now!  
Head on over to their site to see the books!  They have links where you can click on them to see a couple sample pages to see if you think they would work for your children's work. Broxton has homework Monday through Thursday nights and although it is normally just one sheet, plus nightly reading, we try and do more from time to time.  I have the books on the table where he does his homework and we normally flip through the book and pick one or two additional pages to work on. (Not every night, don't worry!)    He enjoys it, I like working with him and it is teaching, so it isn't wasted time!  '
I think these are great if you are looking to work a little more with one on one time.    If you are looking for something to let your kids get a jump on school, make sure you check out Carson-Dellosa Publishing to see what all Spectrum has to offer!


  1. Once my son got his sight words mastered, reading became cake! Workbooks were a big help!

  2. As a teacher, this is a very reputable company. I use their products in my classroom!

  3. Travis was working with Isaak on sight words yesterday. He gets some bigger words, but messes up on some of the smaller ones.


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