Disney Keeps Rolling them out...

Cars 2 is NOW OUT!!!!
I really want to take Broxton, but I still do not know about taking a 2 year old to the movies...
Any one have an opinion on this?

And for the adults:
The Help

*** I just wanted to share these with you. I was not required to do so, just showing the love!*** Let me know if you have seen either, or if you are planning on going.!


  1. Can't wait to take Critter to see Cars 2! As for taking Broxton, it would really depend on his ability to pay attention. If you think he will b able to be entertained the whole time then go for it! And if you take him, definitely go in the morning when there won't be too many older kids to be disrupted if he makes noise. Otherwise, wait til it comes out on DVD and make a night of it with the boys!

  2. A friend of mine just took her 2 year old daughter, and said she LOVED it! I think it was in 3D for them. Whats crazy is she had to pay $10 for her daughter's ticket!!! So call around and see if any do really great deals or even free for his age!! Over all she said her experience was wonderful!

  3. Ry really loves Cars too and I think we will take him to his 1st movie theater movie.


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