What is an AWESOME birthday gift for a kid? WaterBlocks Review

I saw an ad online that mentioned Water Blocks.
Of course, I had to know what that was!
So, I went on over to take a look.
They are just one of the coolest toys that I think I have ever seen!

Have you heard of Just-Think-Toys?
Do you have Water Blocks?!
We now do!
Broxton LOVES to get a bath.
He loves water of any sort...
(If you did not know that, you can always look at my pictures of him in the pool, I love them!)
I just knew that if he were to have Water Blocks, that he would just have that much more fun!

They arrived and Broxton was so excited!
We had to get them out and play with them in the living room.

We received the Super Set that Broxton just loves!
The Super Set comes with 20 pieces which also includes a small ball.
With the Super Set, you can build a little track for the ball to race down!
So fun and yes, we have done this many many times!!!!
Just look at the excitement on his face watching the ball!

We also received the Seaport Set.
Broxton loves it because it comes with a helicopter and a sea plane!
The cool thing about this is that the sets all allow for you to add to them!
So, just because they came as two different sets, we still get to play with them all together!!!

So, what makes Water Blocks so cool to us?
You can play with them in the water!
They are made out of this material that I have no clue what it is..
It is not plastic, it is not a sponge...
It is just the water block!
They float, so you can build little towns in the tub!
Also, they somewhat stick together!
Something about the water, it holds them together...
and you can also put them on the sides of the tub!

The first time we put them in the tub (which was right after I told Broxton they were bath toys the day he opened them) Broxton immediately said, "Too many!"
I showed him how he could stick them to the wall.
Totally cool!!!
Another great thing about it?
As soon as he is done getting his bath, we dry them all off and then bring them back to the living room to play even more!

I really think that this would be an amazing gift to give any kid for their Birthday Present or Christmas Present!
Talk about loads of bathtime fun!
Also, this isn't an item that they will be like,
"Oh, I already have one!"
They can just add to their collection!

We have discussed taking our blocks to the pool!
Now, if we had a kiddie pool or even our own pool at home, I would be all over it!
But, being as we are in an apartment...
That would just mean too much for me to keep up with having several kids out there as well!
Maybe one day, but not just yet!

So, if you want to be the cool parent giving awesome toys...
Go ahead and order a couple sets today!
The kids will thank you for it!!!!

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. This really looks cool! No wonder he wants to get the tub all the time.


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